First Amendment under fierce attack as DoJ goes after parents protesting mask mandates, CRT

Dear Mark Crispin,

The most egregious attack on the First Amendment has come from the U.S. Department of Justice, which is now turning the forces of government, including the FBI, against parents who are protesting and engaging with school boards across the nation.

You know. These are the parents who are fed up with things like forced mask mandates for their children and the teaching of critical race theory.

What the DoJ just did is inconceivable but it happened, and you can read about it in our latest blog post: Department of Justice Slams First Amendment, Claims Parents Are Engaged In “Domestic Terrorism And Hate Crimes”.

We must take courage and then take action in every local community to shatter this tyrannical attempt to destroy the First Amendment.

As you stock up on the CFFS brochures, Action Cards and “no mask” lanyards, please engage with all local parents in your area and give them this material. Support them. Encourage them. Educate them. Stand with them.

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Note: All of our brochures are shrink-wrapped 25 to a pack and are written exclusively for CFFS by board-certified neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock.
The “No Mask” card includes a printed lanyard for you to wear whenever you are out. They are made of sturdy plastic and printed on both sides.

For Liberty,
Patrick Wood
Citizens for Free Speech · PO Box 52247, Mesa, AZ 85208, United States

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