New Zealand is committing suicide: A doctor writes “in stupefied disbelief” at what the government is doing to “fight COVID”

From Dr. Emanuel E. Garcia:
To: Prime Minister Ardern

As a physician and New Zealand citizen, I am writing in stupefied disbelief at the enormously damaging COVID policies you and your government have pursued and are continuing to pursue.  I will disregard the hubris of your contention that your Ministry of Health is the ‘single source of truth’ about COVID matters, but will instead focus on several facts.

1.  the elimination of a respiratory coronavirus is not possible — as you are now grudgingly admitting
2.  relying on ‘vaccines’ such as the Pfizer mRNA injection — agents that neither prevent infection nor transmission and that have resulted in enormous numbers of deaths and adverse events worldwide — is foolhardy
3. neglecting to encourage and pursue preventative measures and EARLY TREATMENT of COVID is incomprehensible

One would think that during what has been billed as the most lethal pandemic in human history the energies and enthusiasm and intelligence of Medicine and health policy would be directed towards prevention and treatment.  Highly effective and evolving protocols are already in use in other parts of the world (see

How can you explain the suppression and ignorance of such treatment?  How can you explain policies that are geared towards blackmailing the populace into accepting inoculations when in fact efficacious treatments are available?  How can you explain the vast ignorance of primary health practitioners about early treatment?  This omission is, in my considered opinion, nothing less than criminal.

New Zealand now finds itself in disarray. Disastrous lockdowns, the imposition of mask-wearing and distancing, none of which is based in science, are destroying human commerce and human freedom, and are conditioning us to expect the disappearance of human intimacy, love and joy in favour of endless fear and anxiety.

I sincerely hope you will reflect upon your decisions and look towards those true experts such as Dr. Peter McCullough and others for guidance out of this horrifying mess.


Emanuel E. Garcia, MD
Eastbourne, New Zealand

19 October 2021

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