UNC/Chapel Hill denies tenure to Nikole Hannah-Jones, lead author of the 1619 Project

Since Nikole Hannah-Jones (enabled by the New York Times) casts fantasy as history in the 1619 Project, and a racist fantasy at that, this decision is a wise one, in my view; but it’s sure to be decried as yet another stroke of “white supremacy,” so here’s hoping UNC doesn’t cave.

Meanwhile, there are some 4,500 schools throughout the country now using the curriculum that the Times developed with the Project at its core, so that the students in those schools (I shudder to think how many students) will be taught that slavery was an exclusively white evil (no African blacks or Arabs had a thing to do with it); that it had no economic cause or purpose; and—best of all—that We the People fought the Revolutionary War primarily to maintain slavery.

In short, the use of that curriculum in all those schools is a pedagogical disaster (and, I suspect, another means of keeping the American people angrily divided, and fatally distracted from the elite war now being waged against us all). UNC therefore did the right thing by denying tenure to Nikole Hannah-Jones (who will not go unemployed for long).

One reply on “UNC/Chapel Hill denies tenure to Nikole Hannah-Jones, lead author of the 1619 Project”

That TDS Gang Members, so hyper focused developing that Idiocracy Curriculum! Hard for sane, intelligent people to believe, but I guess they never stopped to consider that legitimate academic institutions would want to distance themselves the moment an opportunity presented itself.

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