MCM interviewed by Elze van Hamelen on Cafe Weltschmerz (in the Netherlands)

If you’ve now heard my story of what happened at NYU, you can jump to 30:00 for our conversation on what’s happening now, and the urgent need for an international alliance.

One reply on “MCM interviewed by Elze van Hamelen on Cafe Weltschmerz (in the Netherlands)”

Another great interview. I thought Elze’s grasp of the subject was thorough enough to ask all the right questions. It’s so refreshing to keep seeing like-minded people.
Professor Miller, do you have a filmography or list of movies that you recommend? I am watching The Ghost Writer today, on your recommendation. I’ve always been fascinated by subversive art, like some Soviet era composers who were forced to compose a certain (tonal) way, but did so in a manner that criticized or mocked Soviet thinking. A film like Starship Troopers seems like surprisingly bold satire on the (US) military.
I guess a broader question is, where can I go to see *all* books/ films/ art you recommend? Can one get a copy of a syllabus for any of your classes?

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