So many young and healthy people getting KILLED by those “vaccines,” their deaths NOT counted by the CDC

From Robyn Openshaw (whom you may follow on Telegram):

A friend of mine shared Beverly’s obit with me, he went to high school with her. Her husband is an MD.

She posted in December she got the jab. This will never be reported to VAERS along with 100k’s more because:

(a) damage from spike protein happens later usually and no doc wants to investigate the causality/link and (b) the media is totally controlled by the same folks who own pharma and have access to the folks who print money. To control and silence every government entity and huge corporation.

You can see dozens and dozens of other obits and stories along with their posting about the jab they got, in my Telegram feed or Dr Tenpenny’s.

None of these people will show up in CDC stats because it didn’t happen in the magical 48 hours.

PS FB just gave me an account warning for posting about the andrologist 2 weeks ago who told me their fertility clinic is seeing mass miscarriages and a repeat-donor egg donor post jab whose fertilized eggs all died.


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