A great interview with Reiner Fuellmich

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Thank you for sharing this radiant interview. *Wow* It is uber empowering to hear truth being spoken with such calm deliberate power. And determination. Let the Nuremburg II Trial begin — within 2 to 3 weeks won’t come soon enough.

“Even if you’re going to lose your job, don’t do it, don’t get vaccinated. Choose life.” I wish it were that easy but, yes of course he’s right.
What a brave person.
Does anybody else remember back in April/May 2020 when the MSM was saying that *testing* was the key to success, the key to overcoming the virus? It seemed odd to me at the time, and I remember thinking….”isn’t *immunity* the key to beating the virus?” Well it makes sense now…testing was mandatory to creating false positives.

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