Tell Sen. Brad Hoylman to DEBATE Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., instead of trying to CANCEL him!

It pains me to call Sen. Hoylman out like this, since, as one of his constituents when he served on the New York’s City Council, I was very grateful to him for a most helpful intercession on my family’s behalf.

But now he’s doing something that I cannot tolerate—screaming (demagogically) that Twitter should “permanently suspend” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s accounts, for “vaccine misinformation.”

Oh, really? So Sen. Hoylman knows enough about vaccines to get on his high horse and play the censor? I say we ought to let him know, first, that it is not his legislative function to engage in “cancel culture”; and, second—and more important—if he wants to posture as an expert on vaccine “misinformation,” he should show New Yorkers just how much he knows about that urgent subject by debating Bobby Kennedy, Jr., instead of gagging him.

This would send a helpful message not to him alone, but to his now-fascistic party, at least here in New York. (Since he no doubt harbors national ambitions, non-New Yorkers also should feel free to challenge him.)

Here’s Sen. Hoylman’s contact information:

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