Mick Jagger REALLY gets it

This could be our anthem.

So that gives us a great quartet of rockers, who still have that spirit—no, the soul, to see, and feel, the evil of what’s going on, and sing out against it: Mick, who partnered with Dave Grohl on this song, along with Van Morrison and Eric Clapton.

And is that it? Yo, Paul? Bob? Joni? Smokey? Robbie? And is anybody younger standing up and singing out? That’s not a rhetorical question. Tell me. Any hip-hop artists telling truths about all this? How about, say, a eulogy for DMX?

Please, whether we were living then or not, let’s remember that Woodstock took place during a (real) pandemic: the Hong Kong flu, which (verifiably) killed up to 4 million people worldwide. And look back at how recklessly those jubilant thousands mingled, hugged, f*cked, ate and drank together. Since you’re online, you might want to give a listen to Joni Mitchell’s sad and lovely “Woodstock”—and then CSNY’s hard, punchy rendering, which too could be an anthem; because we, you, all of us, still have a right to that same joyous spirit, and in congregation, face to face, and hand in hand.

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