This scientist WON’T take J&J’s vaccine, because the company CAN’T guarantee it will NOT alter your genetic code

From Dick Atlee:

It was a paradigm shift for science to come to understand the widespread and essential role of bacteria, fungi, and other “non-human” entities in enabling the human body to function at all — the microbiome. I was quite familiar with that, when a month or so ago I encountered a more recent immense paradigm shift biology is dealing with as it becomes ever more easy to decode genomes — that viruses have been inserting genetic material everywhere in nature, playing a significant role in nudging along the process of evolution over hundreds of millions of years.

So when the issue arose of whether the gene-based vaccines (m-RNA or Adenovirus-vectored) could possibly interact with the human genome, it didn’t seem quite as far-fetched as it might seem to someone not familiar the the larger picture just mentioned. But I knew too little about the issue to form a strong opinion.

Enter Dr. Biegeleisen, in this very clearly laid out explanation of why the idea isn’t at all far-fetched. As a PhD whose lab did work on exactly that issue back in the 70s, he is in a position to describe the mechanisms that are operative in that situation, and he does so in helpful detail, being clear but not talking down to the reader. It is a long article, but fascinating. If you feel a tendency to discount the idea off the bat, you might do well to check it out.

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