“Operation Insurrection” update: “Rioters” wanted to “capture and assassinate” lawmakers

This Goebbelsian fantasy is based on something said to have been written by that horned clown who was posing for his posse’s cell phone videos during the “attempted coup” on Jan. 6—a day that will live in infamy, though not for the noisy fracas in the Capitol, but for the way that “our free press” has hyped it into something on the order of the CIA-backed air attack on la Moneda, where Chile’s Pres. Allende was hunkered down on 9/11/73; and also for the readiness with which so many educated types have swallowed that baloney, and are therefore now clamoring for the blood of c. 75 million of their fellow-citizens. 

Those educated types include not just “the left” in general, but its most famed (and, in several cases, wealthiest) celebrities—like Michael Moore, whose latest screed, unfortunately, speaks for itself:

Pointless though it surely is to say it at this moment, if people don’t attempt to get a grip right now, we’re surely in the biggest trouble that we’ve ever seen. 

And will Joe Biden’s handlers have him make the usual conciliatory noises on Inauguration Day? Or are we past that, too? (Get ready for some awful violence to strike in Washington that day.) 

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