Meanwhile, back at the ranch (now America’s biggest)….

While we were sleeping (both sides now fiercely shadow-boxing in the vast collective dream of last week’s “insurrection”), Bill Gates became America’s biggest owner of farmland—surpassing Ted Turner, also a eugenicist, as one of those least likely to go hungry once our usual foods start running out. As Turner runs huge herds of bison, Gates will surely keep a lot of livestock on his 2+ million acres, so that he and his loved ones, and their retainers, will never have to eat the lab-grown crud that’s going to be our sole source of protein, and in which—of course—Bill Gates is also heavily invested. 

This is what happens when you let monopolists do what they will. At first it was “just” computer operating systems, then, in alliance with Big Pharma, the “health” bureaucracies in Washington, and his own WHO, public health worldwide; and now it will be America’s food supply (and not just ours), controlled by him and a few other bold compeers.  

In short, this land is his land. So what do we do now, aside from stocking up? Let’s start by taking further note of Gates’ grip on food and other basics, so we might know exactly what we’re dealing with (and that it’s not the “right” or “left”). 

From Colleen McGuire:

Bill Gates investor in Monstanto & Cargill, Big Food corps (2010, old but relevant news)
Bill Gates invests in lab-oriented food under the guise of vegan and sustainable, an Agenda 30 goal (update, Gates quickly dumped his shares in Beyond Meat). 
Gates’ Moderna & Uber collaborate in transportation to expedite vaccine usage
Gates invests in satellite broadbands  (2012, old but relevant news)

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