CNN/NPR photo-journalist Jade Sacker was embedded with “Antifa” leader John Sullivan throughout the “insurrection”

Jade Sacker comes from a small family with a long history of (authentic) leftist activism in NYC. Her dad, Lushe Sacker, helped found the Collective for Living Cinema, and became something of a legend in downtown NYC, as a dogged commie true believer, working as a carpenter. 

What’s up with Jade, I have no idea. She may be an equally committed leftist who was hypnotized by BLM/Sullivan, or she may not. In any case, this news will surely help solidify the right’s obsession with the left—extremist activists + “liberal media” types—as the real problem in America today.

CORRECTION: Jade Sacker is not the daughter of Lushe Sacker. 

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