Lyft driver reported me for failing to “follow [my] heath safety commitment”

Took a Lyft to a doctor’s appointment, and had my mask down below my nose. So my driver reported me, for failing, as Lyft puts it, to “follow [my] health safety commitment.” (The next sentence says it’s their—Lyft’s—”health safety commitment,” so whose is it?)

In any case, I was honoring my “health safety commitment,” since (a) prolonged masking has been giving me migraines, (b) the hypoxia, hypercapnia, and rebreathing of my own exhaled pathogens are bad for me, as they are for everybody else (including that driver), and, therefore, (c) I believe it’s everyone’s “health safety commitment” to understand how masking actually increases our susceptibility to infections of all kinds, contrary to the tidal wave of propaganda now submerging us.

Lyft claims that, if I sin again, they’ll cancel my account. This would be a hardship, since my doctor’s office is uptown, and there are far fewer cabs downtown on the sparsely peopled streets of this assassinated city. But I will certainly think twice about using Lyft again (and hope that taxis too don’t start enforcing masks, since I can’t afford to buy a car). 

Meanwhile, I’m wondering if I can get that driver’s (generous) tip back.    

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