MCM on the Forbidden Bookshelf, masking, eugenics, and the whole damn thing (interviewed by Jason Bosch)

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This interview was very enlightening for me because it finally gave me some insight into why all my left leaning highly educated friends and family refuse to even consider the evidence against this insanity, while some of my working class friends are more open to the idea that we’re being manipulated by a nefarious group of elites. I think it’s important to notice why and how those of us who used to be brainwashed have come to see the light. And from my perspective it’s because we have been either studying propaganda or vaccine injury for years before any of this COVID nonsense started so we easily see it for what it is while our lefty friends can’t. And therein lies the key to waking them up- the likelihood of vaccine injury with no liability for pharma and the many documented ways we already have been subjected to propaganda in the past. I’ve failed even to get my own daughter not to vaccinate our grandson with the full CDC schedule but my hope is that more and more people understand a vaccine developed at warp speed with no liability for the vaccine makers can’t be safe. So this is my new plan to defeat this insanity. Join me!

Hi Mark
I have a list of Books
you may find interesting.
Who realy found “Talent”
(smart enough to get the job done
but not smart enough to out wit them
and take their wealth)
five where interviewed for the job,
one half drunk singing songs
in a german pub with his buddies
was the winner of the five interviewed,
then funded when it was totaly illigal
only a brother team of lawyers
to the super rich 1%
could advise and set that funding up.
Are you interested in the list of
hidden list of books ?
All labor donated.

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