White House tells Tennessee that mask mandate “must be implemented”

So much for Trump’s bluster about masks. As with Russia, and the COVID-19 vaccine, he says one thing while “his” administration does the opposite.

It seems that Trump’s function is to get his base in line; and it will work that much more effectively if/when COVID-20, or whatever, rolls out this winter.

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Thanks for this.

Trump clearly does not control his administration. He was against TPP, but 57% of TPP got inserted into USMCA. He’s not allowed to end the wars and bring the troops home. And on and on it goes. He definitely does NOT control the DOJ. IMO nothing will ever change for the better in this country because the corruption is too deep and the powerful forces that control the government are too strong.

Trump wasn’t even powerful enough to refuse the flu shot, which he never took until he became President:

On the campaign trail in 2016, he spoke about having RFK Jr. lead a vaccine safety commission. As President-elect, he had a long meeting with RFK Jr. about this and told him to go announce it, but shortly afterward things fell apart. Apparently, Pfizer made a huge donation to Trump’s inauguration and then Prizer lobbyists got placed at HHS (Alex Azar) and FDA (Gottlieb) and the vaccine safety commission was never talked about again.

That said, here’s the latest: But you can’t really trust that since things always change. Plus it seems like all the Democrat Governors are 100% onboard with the agenda, so they can always mandate it.

Here’s what Rep Thomas Massie thinks is the plan: “The secret the government is keeping from you is that they plan to keep us shut down until there is some kind of vaccine, and then whether it’s compulsory at the federal level, or the state level, or maybe they persuade your employers though another PPP program that you won’t qualify for unless you make your employees get the vaccine, I think that’s their plan. Somebody convince me that’s not their plan, because there is no logical ending to this other than that.” (from Ep. 1711 Rep. Thomas Massie Against the Fact-Free COVID-19 Hysterics at 18 min or so). Massie says he’s 100% against mandatory or coerced vaccination (fwiw he’s the only one who didn’t go along with the $6 trillion dollar bailout and said it was the “greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world”). But former Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul, thinks most of Congress (both parties) are on board with the agenda. And I think Pelosi has HR6666 (tracking/tracing- medical police state) ready to go in that stimulus package she wants to pass.

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