Cuomo tells rabbi that NY’s COVID policy is based on fear, not science

His frankness (in that private conversation) is admirable, but his logic is unclear. They shut down everything, in response to the general panic (which Cuomo helped whip up), in hopes that the “anxiety level” will eventually go down? How does it calm people down to shut their schools, tightly monitor their neighborhoods, push universal masking and demand that everybody “social-distance”? 

Surely Cuomo’s answer is that all those measures will result in fewer “cases.” But as they ramp up testing, the rate of “cases” will just rise even more; and— as no public figure, or media outlets, will admit—the masks themselves, and keeping everyone indoors, and the anxiety that such preposterous measures will increase, will just make people more susceptible to illness of all kinds. 

So what’s really sick, and what we really need to fight, is this worldwide COVID-19 policy of terror, and the apocalyptic purpose driving it.   

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