Now that US academic institutions are like “correctional facilities for young adults,” here’s what college students have to say about it

It’s the same here at NYU, where I was hoping to go back into the classroom this semester, but won’t, because I can’t wear a mask for more than 10/15 minutes, and they’ve refused to let me (and other faculty who’ve asked) wear a face-shield instead.

(I should add that my younger son, who’s in the acting program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, is taking a gap semester, as are many of his classmates, since you can’t learn acting via “online education.”)

As one friend says, this way of dealing with the (ever-diminishing) threat of COVID-19—mostly at the shrill insistence of a panicked professoriate—is like dropping a neutron bomb on higher education.

From Gary Kohls, M.D.:

From Jordan Schachtel’s Mass Illusion – a newsletter for people concerned about the “New Normal” – August 29, 2020 (4135 words) 

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