Bill Gates has a nuclear reactor

Iran is not the problem.

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From Dave Ratcliffe:

Stellar ignorance.

Difficult to think that Mr. God-got-it-wrong-I’m-here-to-save-you doesn’t comprehend the utterly lethal burden into eternity ever growing never ceasing when every nuclear reactor is turned on, every second creating more radioactive matter inimical to life on Mother Earth. Created in less than the past 8 decades, this hell-on-earth legacy will last forever.

A 2009 documentary film 
written and directed by Michael Madsen

As I always say about this film, nuclear energy stands on the shoulders of almost all the scientific knowledge that we have about the universe. It is really the powers of the universe that we are harvesting. 
        So much knowledge is fused together in this technology. In that sense it’s the hallmark of human civilization. But the flip side is the waste which has this time span built in to it which I believe is beyond what we can really understand. 
        So on the one hand it’s based on deep understanding in a scientific respect. But it also has this very, very difficult time span for us even to relate to. 
        Then if we cannot relate to it – if we cannot understand it or grasp it – it’s suddenly impossible to act responsibly.
Michael Madsen in Helen Caldicott Interview, 15 July 2011

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