“Invisibly Present/Visibly Absent”: A great—and timely—art show by Sam Husseini

From Sam Husseini:

Hope you’re well. You may know me from my political and media work, but I’m having an art show, “Invisibly Present/Visibly Absent,” at the Jerusalem Fund near the Kennedy Center in D.C. The art is quite timely regarding the pandemic. It’s largely about our deformed relationship with Nature and interweaves political themes, including the dangers of nuclear and biological warfare and ecological disaster.

Most traditional art is like a rowboat — stroke, stroke, stroke. Much modern art is like a motorboat: automated. My art is like a sailboat — it works with the power of Nature. I use flora and fauna, rain and snow, see below.

There will be an online talk on Wednesday, Sept 2 at 3 p.m. ET. Hope you can make it, please feel free to spread the word. The art catalogue is here

Hopefully the gallery will be allowing viewing on a limited basis soon.

all my best,
Sam Husseini 

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