Masking ourselves to death: Part 1 of 3


I’ve completed the first half of an essay—more like a book—on the mask phenomenon (or cult). I’m sending it to News from Underground subscribers in three installments, as it’s pretty long. It’s not just about the mask mandates, and their scientific groundlessness, but about the power of war propaganda, and how best to see through it, and help others do so as well.

Let me orient you with a summary of the contents. After an introductory bit on the uncanniness of this moment (the August day when I started writing), Masking Ourselves to Death moves on to these subjects:

> The repressive measures used, since May, to enforce the mask mandates in Third World countries, China, and throughout Europe;
> The sudden turnaround by Dr. Fauci, and the CDC and WHO, each of them first discouraging healthy people from mask-wearing, then strongly urging everyone to mask;
> The brutality with which masking has been enforced by cops in the US, and the viciousness with which unmasked people have been treated by their masked fellow-citizens;
> The national blackout on such incidents by the media, which has highlighted only instances of violence by unmasked people;
> How the propaganda drive for masking—including the media’s one-sided coverage of such violence worldwide—recalls the formula for war-propaganda drives described by Hermann Goering during the first Nuremberg trials;
> How to “break the spell” of propaganda
1) “Keep your head” (i.e., use common sense, augmented by some knowledge of the past, and of developments beyond our borders);
2) “Pay close attention to those men behind the curtain (a summary of the many instances of COVID-19 “stars” like Dr. Fauci, the Cuomo brothers, the German president Frank-Walter Steineier and others not masking, usually off-camera, or otherwise flouting the very rules that they themselves have either imposed or vocally supported);
3) What the science says about the effectiveness of masks, and the media’s censorship/distortion of such evidence, and ad hominem attacks on those presenting it;
4) On “the science” finding that masks do prevent transmission of respiratory viruses (“science” that’s actually propaganda); 
5) What the science says about the ineffectiveness of masking by doctors performing surgery;
6) What the science says about the health hazards of masking among healthcare professionals—and what OSHA consultants say about it; 
7) What’s really happening, worldwide, to healthy people wearing masks, which badly sicken them, and even kill them, more often than we know;
8) How pro-mask advocates “argue” (“Put on a fucking mask!”), and how they themselves betray the very callousness and selfishness that they so lividly denounce (a section ending with a paragraph on the grotesque environmental toll of masking the world over). 

That’s a rough paraphrase, as there’s much more here than what I’ve just described. I’ll send the second and third parts of this first half over the next week or so.

I’m still at work on Part 2 (“Why is this happening?”), which gets into the real reasons for this propaganda push: an overview that sheds a lot of light on Bill Gates, and his “philanthropic” predecessors, among others. This second half will help us better understand what’s really going on, and the urgency of our uniting to resist it.

I’m sending you this section in the hope that you will share your editorial comments, corrections and/or whatever other examples you might think I ought to cite, so that I can incorporate them into the final version, which I’m hoping to publish (somehow) next month.

Many thanks for your time and attention, and for your interest in this matter; I hope you find it helpful, as I’ve put a great deal into it, as (I hope) you’ll see.

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