White BLM hysteric (masked) tells Dr. Immanuel that he’s “blacker” than she is, as he attempts to disrupt physicians’ demonstration for HCQ

This is how the so-called Resistance “thinks” about COVID-19, the lockdowns, HCQ, and everything else—not scientifically, but tribally. Their “logic” is as  follows: “Trump says X. Ergo, not-X must be true; and anyone who even dares to question not-X, much less disagree with it, is pro-Trump—ergo, evil.”

Thus this black-clad white “anti-racist” not only told Dr. Immanuel she isn’t”black like me,” but that her clinical experience with HCQ means nothing, even though it’s saved so many of her patients’ lives (which, apparently, don’t matter much), since Trump has “touted” HCQ, which puts Dr. Immanuel “on the wrong side,” along with those who once “abetted slavery.”

This racist idiot quite clearly has no clue that the attack on Dr. Immanuel, and the anti-HCQ propaganda drive in which it is the latest shot, is at the service of Big Pharma/Gates’ vaccine agenda, which promises to do grave harm to countless black people, among billions of others. That Gates et al. are using black people, in South Africa and Brazil, as guinea pigs for testing that experimental COVID-19 vaccine, and that Melinda Gates has pledged to “vaccinate” black Americans against COVID-19 ASAP (right after the elderly), are facts that such Resistors can’t take in, because Trump is not the bad guy here (although, in fact, he’s actively abetting that agenda). Any movement truly dedicated to the protection of black lives would be demanding that those vaccine trials stop NOW, along with the ferocious propaganda drive against hydroxychloroquine, which is far less expensive, and immeasurably safer, than whatever high-tech serum Gates et al. come up with, and try to force on all the world (themselves excepted)—and which has already saved innumerable black lives throughout the nation and the world.

This last fact was heatedly denied by a Resistor who’s a member of this list, in response to Guy Vantresca’s explanation of how “HCQ+” works, which I sent out earlier today:

O, fer godsakes, Mark & Guy. Stella Immanuel is a rightwing and religious lunatic. Her beliefs — religious and otherwise — are NOT irrelevant if you see that she’s delusional. And listen to that first doctor that spoke in front of the Supreme Court, Doctor, Bob Hamilton, who chose to attack the LA Teacher’s Union for demanding ‘DEFUND THE POLICE” …. can I trust his judgment on anything after that?

What a fool, for taking this important opportunity to basically defend Trump, while never going through any actual studies on HCL.

Pisses me off …. And I’m more than open to solid, fact-based critiques of the medical and pharmaceutical complex. Just because these people are critics, they’re also “true believers” in the cult of Donald. (I wish it were Donald Duck, but they’re both quacks 

(My correspondent ended with a link to an attack on Dr. Immanuel in The Guardian, and the derisive propaganda blast that I’ve attached.)

Note the logic there: Dr. Immanuel is a lunatic, which is not irrelevant “if you see”that she’s a lunatic—along with Dr. Hamilton, who’s opposed to the campaign to “defund the police.” Hence both those doctors are “‘true believers’ in the cult of Donald”—meaning that their clinical experience has no validity, because Trump. That sophistry aside, this isn’t the first time that I’ve been accused of pro-Trump sympathies for questioning the official COVID-19 narrative. On April 30, I sent out F. William Engdahl’s “The Dubious Covid Models, the Test, and Now the Consequences,” an excellent analysis that Global Research has just published; and, soon thereafter, I got this bizarre response from an old (and now former) friend, whose work I’d been promoting for many years:

And how does it feel to find yourself aligned with a bunch of alt-right-sponsored AK-47 (and worse)-toting thugs and brownshirts? Not to mention with the bloated bastard himself and whoever he’s working for? You couldn’t pay me enough to be on their team. About the only thing that would do it is if they threatened the life of my daughter – which I’ve been wondering of late is not something I have to look forward to, their way of transacting business and getting things done [sic].

That this friend’s scholarship is unimpeachable, his mind ordinarily razor-sharp, is something that you’ll have to take on faith; though I couldn’t blame you for doubting it, on the basis of that strident, incoherent rant, and its inane presumption that to note the wild exaggeration of those early COVID-19 “models,” and their catastrophic consequences, is to be “aligned” with violent white supremacists, and “the bloated bastard himself”—since, in that Resistor’s mind, just as in the mind of Bush the Younger, “you’re either with us or against us,” and if you question the official narrative of COVID-19, “you’re against us.” He wouldn’t “be on their team” no matter how much anybody paid him (perhaps implying I’m on Putin’s payroll, or the NRA’s)—as if you cannot disbelieve the CDC and WHO and New York Times without thereby joining that bad “team.”  I could quote other emails just as shrill, irrational, and—again—tribal as that one, from other (former) friends no less intelligent, but who’ve become unhinged by Trump Derangement Syndrome (and, in some cases, by their funding). But there’s no need for that, as these two examples, and the video of that racist hollering at Dr. Immanuel about how black he is, are certainly enough to make the point: This tribal ferocity among “progressives” is, to put it mildly, very bad for all of us. First of all, it’s put “the left” on the same “team” with Fauci/Gates and our Big-Pharma-dependent media, all of them deliberately pooh-poohing an affordable, effective treatment for COVID-19, so as to bring on the global vaccination drive that Gates has indiscreetly called, in public, “the final solution.” And, secondly, that vicious tribal animus has helped immensely to protract and intensify the Great Divide that only serves our overlords, who are sitting prettier than ever, what with We the People at each other’s throats, when we should be “aligned” with one another, against them; but with “progressives” like the ones I’ve quoted here, such solidarity is, if not impossible, a vastly greater challenge than it ought to be.

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