On the (racist) smearing of Dr. Immanuel

via Elliot Crown, from a friend of his born in South Africa:

”I’m very disappointed to hear people smearing a Nigerian as a whack job because she talks about religion in a very typical way for her country. Most Africans live in rural areas or under served townships. Singing and sermonising in church is our Cinema. The pastors tell the most incredible stories and talk about Demons and Devils. But they are not taken literally. Dreams are encouraged with the drinking of special ceremonial beers and then their content analysed. People discuss issues with the “ancestors” in dreams – a way of objectively looking at your current problems with a friendly sounding board.

“If someone told a Westerner that they were mad for believing Star Wars was real you’d say, of course no one thinks it is real! It’s just a story to explore human relationships and colonialism and Imperialism. Why don’t we extend that respect to Africans?
All these doctors did was say we trust this method and we’ve had encouraging results. Where’s the harm in that? There’s literally no harm at all unless you own a pharma company that got some of the $billions our Govts handed them to develop a vaccine they’ll keep ALL THE PROFITS to”

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