Michigan hospital study says HCQ treatment for COVID-19 ‘cut death rate significantly’

The Big Lie about HCQ continues, with ever tighter censorship (that deleted tweet of Trump’s concerned the efficacy of HCQ against COVID-19) and ever more virulent character assassination (e.g., the quasi-racist jeering at Dr. Immanuel for her religious views, which bear no relation to her testimony on how well her COVID patients did on HCQ).

All this is at the service of the Gates machine’s big plans for that vaccine. Meanwhile, HCQ has been used successfully against COVID-19 throughout the world, from France to Cuba to Iran to China—which, of course, you’d never know from “our free press,” operating, as it does, in Big Pharma/Gates’ deep pocket.

Update: How “HCQ+” works against COVID-19

From Guy Vantresca:

Based on the real results accomplished at the clinical level, not the studies that were set up to fail (like the retracted Lancet study that purposely, or perhaps, best case, unwittingly failed to test the drug with the right parameters), it becomes clear that HCQ+ works.  The ‘+’ is critical, meaning + azithromycin and Zinc. It works, in the right doses, when applied within the first 5 days of the infection cycle. The Dr. Zelenko protocol has been used on over 1,000 people in his clinic in upstate NY.  Didier Raoult in Marsailles has over 3,000 patients. Both have 95 %+ success with hardly any deaths. Here is a good analogy: a soldier going into battle has a rifle with ammo, and a helmet & body armor for protection. The HCQ is the rifle delivering the ammo (Zinc), and azithromycin is the body armor to reduce side effects. HCQ releases the binding holding SARS COV2 to the cell. Zinc flushes out the virus, and body armor, azithromycin, protects the soldier from blowback.  It is not the only solution, just the one that is readily available everywhere in the world, for cheap.  Unfortunately, HCQ has been politicized, because Trump can’t make a complete argument for anything good, and the drug has been attacked by Big Pharma because the entire 5 day protocol is less than $200.

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