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One man’s (data-driven) journey from zombie apocalypse to lockdown skepticism (MUST-READ)

I strongly recommend Part 1, in which Jeftovic dismantles some of the bull that’s flying around out there (e.g., internment camps built secretly in Canada), which makes it easier to laugh off the whole issue.

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Before you put that mask back on, THINK about what you might be inhaling, and what it could do to you

More evidence that the masks are likelier to kill us than to “keep us safe.”

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Hospitalization rate for COVID patients taking HCQ/zinc is ONE-SIXTH that of control group: Study passes peer review

Again, why didn’t Trump take it? Why do we keep hearing about Regeneron?

From Josh Mitteldorf:

It’s a small sample, but hospitalization rate for HCQ+Zn is 1/6 compared to a control group.

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From: Zev Zelenko <>
Date: Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 1:33 PM
Subject: Immediate Release: Groundbreaking Study Accepted for Publication by The International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents
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Groundbreaking Study Accepted for Publication by 
The International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents

Data Based On Zelenko Protocol Passes Peer Review 
COVID-19 Outpatients – Early Risk-Stratified Treatment with Zinc plus Low-Dose Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin: A Retrospective Case Series Study 

By Roland Derwand, Martin Scholz, Vladimir Zelenko

Conclusion: Early treatment of COVID-19 in high risk patients with “The Zelenko Protocol” decreased hospitalizations by 84% and resulted in a 5 fold reduction in death.

New York, NY. October 27, 2020 – Dr. Vladimir Zelenko and team announced today that a retrospective study analyzing his patient data was accepted for publication after a rigorous peer review process.1 The study finds that early intervention and treatment of high-risk patients with COVID-19 resulted in significantly fewer hospitalizations and deaths. The treatment consisting of zinc, low-dose hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, is also referred to as “The Zelenko Protocol.”

This study is unique because only HIGH RISK out-patients were treated with the triple-drug regimen.  High-risk patients are those that have a 5% to 10% chance of dying from COVID-19.  This category includes patients who are older than 60, who are younger than 60 but have other medical issues, or who have trouble breathing.  All identified high-risk outpatients were treated at their initial visit, most within the first five days of the onset of symptoms. All of these patients had laboratory confirmation of COVID-19 infection.

The results show that in 141 high risk patients who were treated in the prehospital setting with the triple therapy, only 2.8% (4/141) were hospitalized compared to 15.4% of an untreated control group (58/377) (odds ratio 0.16, 95% CI 0.06-0.5; p<0.001). Only 0.71% (1/141) patients died in the treatment group, versus 3.5% (13/377) in the untreated group (odds ratio 0.2, 95% CI 0.03-1.5; p=0.12). 

This retrospective analysis is the product of the unique collaboration of three doctors with a rare synergy of industry, academia and clinical medicine. Dr. Roland Derwand is a German physician and life science industry expert. Professor Martin Scholz is an independent consultant and adjunct professor for experimental medicine at Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf, Germany. Drs. Derwand and Scholz were the first to draw attention to “The Zelenko Protocol” in their published hypothesis paper about the importance of combining zinc with hydroxychloroquine as a method for treating COVID-19. 

“What differentiates this study is that patients were diagnosed very early with COVID-19 in an outpatient setting, and only high-risk patients were treated early on,” said Dr. Derwand. “Unfortunately, we seem to have forgotten common medical knowledge – that we want to treat any patient with an infectious disease as soon as possible. Dr. Zelenko treated his high-risk patients immediately with the three drug regimen to ensure sufficient efficacy.  He correctly didn’t wait for the disease to further develop.” 

Following the rigorous peer review process, Dr. Zelenko said: “It’s unfortunate that much of the media coverage surrounding hydroxychloroquine has been negative. These three medications are affordable, available in pill form, and work in synergy against COVID-19.” According to Dr. Zelenko: “Hydroxychloroquine’s main role is to allow zinc to enter the cell and inhibit the virus’ reproduction. And azithromycin prevents secondary bacterial infection in the lungs, and reduces the risk of pulmonary complications.” 

The third author, Professor Scholz added: “This is the first study with COVID-19 outpatients that shows how a simple-to-perform outpatient risk stratification allows for rapid treatment decisions shortly after onset of symptoms. The well-tolerated 5-day triple therapy resulted in a significantly lower hospitalization rate and less fatalities with no reported cardiac side effects compared with relevant public reference data of untreated patients. The magnitude of the results can substantially elevate the relevance of early use, low-dose hydroxychloroquine, especially in combination with zinc. This data can be used to inform ongoing pandemic response policies as well as future clinical trials.”

Especially as vaccines will still not be available during the currently ongoing second wave of the pandemic a broader use of the Zelenko protocol to treat positively risk stratified COVID-19 outpatients as early as possible seem to represent a so far underestimated additional option to win today’s battle against COVID-19.

1. Derwand, R., Scholz, M., Zelenko, V. COVID-19 outpatients – early risk-stratified treatment with zinc plus low dose hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin: a retrospective case series study. Int. J. Antimicrob. Agents, available online 26 October 2020,

About Dr. Roland Derwand 

Based in Munich, Derwand is a medical doctor and life science industry expert with almost 20 years of experience. He currently heads the medical affairs department of a U.S. biotech company in Germany. His engagement and contribution to this study has been private and independent. Before he held various positions in the pharma and biotech industry with national, European and global responsibilities. He holds an M.D. from Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany, an MBA from the PFH Private University of Applied Sciences in Göttingen, Germany, and he did his doctorate in cardiovascular physiology.

About Professor Dr. Martin Scholz 

Scholz holds a doctorate degree (Ph.D.) from Johann Wolfgang Goethe –University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany and is an adjunct professor for experimental medicine at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf. He also serves as managing director of the “Starts- and -Ups Consulting” company. Prior to this, Scholz served as the chief scientific officer on the executive board of LEUKOCARE AG, a biotech company he founded in 2001. Scholz received the title “professor honoris causa” at the Faculty of Medicine Marilia (FAMEMA) in São Paulo, Brasil. 

About Dr. Vladimir Zelenko 

Zelenko graduated from SUNY at Buffalo School of Medicine in 2000. He is Board Certified in Family Medicine with 20 years of clinical experience. 


Babies in masks. If you think that’s cute, you’re far more dangerous to them than “the virus” is.

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FDA deems vaccines “effective” even if they don’t prevent disease (!)

From Michael Green:

A little-known fact is that the FDA may license vaccines as “effective” whether or not they prevent the target illness.  In its January 29, 2016 “How Flu Vaccine Effectiveness and Efficacy are Measured” the CDC quietly admits that “National regulatory authorities, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States, require RCTs (randomized control trials) to be conducted and to demonstrate the protective benefits of a new vaccine before the vaccine is licensed for routine use. However, some vaccines are licensed based on RCTs that use antibody response to the vaccine as measured in the laboratory, rather than decreases in influenza disease among people who were vaccinated.” So the production of an anti-body response in blood samples taken from volunteers—or perhaps even in vitro antibody response in blood samples—suffices to make it “effective” for the FDA and CDC whether or not it prevents the flu.

In his latest riveting account of the imposition of arbitrary tyranny that flies in the face of the medical facts under whose auspices draconian treatments, tracking and tracing are being imposed, Joseph Mercola, M.D. documents that the current vaccine trials have abandoned even the pretense that the vaccines must prevent COVID: they need only make its (already mild for the vast majority of us) symptoms milder.  So to COVID, that is as harmless to most of us as the flu, that can be significantly prevented by diet or prophylactic treatments (D3 + zinc + Quercetin; HCQ + zinc for frontline medical providers); that is easily treated (HCQ + zinc + antibiotic; Ivermectin + zinc + antibiotic; budesonide + zinc + antibiotic, etc.), the only viable answer put to the public mind remains some place along the continuum of police-state lockdown, destruction of the competitive retail economy and the smashing of lives that entails, and mandatory injection with unsafe vaccines that are declared by their makers not to stop COVID, the supposed plague that is the supposed reason for all that we suffer. 

Basta!  But they won’t stop on their own.

How COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Are Rigged


MCM attacked by Wikipedia, as The Guardian reports a frightening surge of “dangerous conspiracy theories” about COVID-19

The Guardian reports a new survey finding that “dangerous conspiracy theories” about COVID-19 are surging, virus-like.

This, of course, makes me a major vector: Wikipedia has now sharpened up its entry on myself to make it nastier.

From Steve Bhaerman:

Hi Mark:

I was just referencing your Wikipedia page.  Not even Pravda could have slanted this final paragraph more:

“Miller is a 9/11 truther.[5][6] and is a signatory to the 9/11 Truth Statement.[7] Interviewed by the New York Observer website, Miller said anyone using the conspiracy theory description “in a pejorative sense is a witting or unwitting CIA asset”.[8] Following a “truthers” symposium on 9/11, “Justice in Focus”, Miller told Vice the official explanations for 9/11 and the assassination of John F. Kennedy “are just as unscientific as the ones that everybody feels comfortable ridiculing”, referring to conservatives dismissal of global warming.[9] Miller has shown his students the anti-vaccination film Vaxxed made by the disgraced physician Andrew Wakefield.[5] He has defended the false claims made in Vaxxed of a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, and the assertion that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have been involved in a cover-up.[8]”

You could use it in your class as a classic example of propaganda … “disgraced physician” (does that mean Bill Gates is “graced”?) … “defended his false claims”.  Conveniently enough, college kids are now so thoroughly brainwashed with PC hogwash that they have no sense of discernment.  I wonder how many would recognize the bias of this “fact-checking” site. [At least my own students learn to see through such jive—MCM.]



Naomi Klein’s denial of the Great Reset

The video at the link I posted was taken down, but not by Facebook. It was an excerpt from this MUST-WATCH presentation by Alison Hawver McDowell.

Watch it while you can, or download it:


Singapore halts flu shots as post-vaccination deaths in South Korea climb to 59

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