New Yorkers, let’s all help get this great bill passed in Albany, to cut back the rollout of “smart meters”

From Les Jamieson:

Newsflash and Action Alert
After at least 5 smart meter bills have been introduced in the NY State Legislature since 2013, we finally have a bill that would protect our health and rights as utility customers. Senator Peter Harckham has introduced S8765, a bill that allows us to keep our analog meters, or restore them if already switched out for digital meters, and without being charged fees. Soon we expect an Assembly version of the bill, which we will need to follow up on. However, since it’s late in the legislative session immediate action is necessary! This will take minutes!

To find your state senator, go to

Next, a bit more background and a script to use.

If this could actually get passed, it would be a huge win against the utility giants. We can always continue to fight for further regulations on the energy and telecom grids. So first, we must go all out starting TODAY to call our state senators, and spread the word to get a coalition of people and groups to raise the volume.

The message is “Please co-sponsor and vote for S8756 that provides for consumer protection and utility meter choice. Smart meters are bad for our health, bad for our privacy, bad for the environment, bad for business, and therefore, bad for New York! Only analog meters or a wired smart grid are acceptable. Analog meters have worked safely and reliably for 100 years. Furthermore, consumers have already paid for a wired smart grid built on fiber optic networks through billions in Verizon fees. No more delays. The telecoms and utilities must deliver.”

It’s also advisable to send your senator the following summary which was composed by NYSUMA (

Folks, we have an opportunity for a real BREAKTHROUGH, but only if we work hard to generate a groundswell of calls and emails to NY State legislators. The time window is short, though. We either act now or will be forced to wait another year, while smart meters and wireless antennas are being installed EVERY DAY throughout the state. Thanks in advance for your effort to protect our neighborhoods from the onslaught of harmful microwave radiation.

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