Elon Musk’s SpaceX just lost 40 of its 49 satellites to a geomagnetic storm

But, hey, shit happens!

SpaceX just lost 40 satellites to a geomagnetic storm. There could be worse to come.
February 10, 2022

Les Jamieson comments:
This is amazing and alarming. So every 11 years there is a peak of solar flare activity called “solar maximum.” Obviously, the number of satellites in orbit have reached the density level high enough to cause catastrophic damage when hit by a G1 solar flare.

So why has the FCC given permits for more satellites numbering in the tens of thousands in coming years to cover the planet in wireless broadband when ground-based wired networks are faster, safer, and more affordable? All the more reason to protest the space-based wireless agenda.

I asked Les if this might not be a blessing in disguise, assuming there’s no catastrophic fallout, noting that this massive accident tells us they ought to scrap the entire project. His reply:

Absolutely, the whole thing should be stopped in its tracks. It’s an existential threat to the planet as well as a major cause for alarm because of the usage for a global surveillance and control grid beyond what exists now. There has been a fairly organized attempt to call attention to this madness. See

If there were to be a list of urgent initiatives, this would be up there in my top 5. Here they are:

1. Stop the globalist agenda to “vax the whole world” and medicate the whole world when effective therapeutics and holistic healing methods exist.

2. Stop the globalist technocratic scheme for the surveillance and control grid built on 5G and beyond, including the China-styled social credit system where everybody’s ability to function in society is reduced to a QR code. Telecom satellites beaming 5G and beyond are part of this.

3. Stop the globalist scheme for a cashless financial system

4. Stop climate warfare

5. Stop the microwave assault on our oceans

It would also be useful if media was held liable for their suppression of actual science and dissemination of pseudo science.

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