Canada’s police are joining protesters (though some are now harassing anti-Trudeau Facebook users)


Celia Farber posted this good news earlier today [February 11], on Facebook. (Scroll down for her Substack.)

This (to put it mildly) cannot be good news for Justin “Fidelito” Trudeau, and his apparat. This, no doubt, is why they’re cracking down on “far right” Facebook users in Ontario: 

Ontario residents cheering on the freedom protests on Facebook get a visit from police

Officers are monitoring Facebook conversations.

Canada Police Are Joining The Protest Movement, And Other Fascinating Facts: CRITICAL Press Briefing With Central Intelligence/Minds Of Canada Freedom Convoy, Quiggen and Bulford

Shattering all propaganda talking points about “insurrection,” “violence,” “paranoia,” and so forth

Celia Farber

Link to news conference here.

(At the moment I have no other way of sharing this, than via FB.)

Update/edit: Link to conference on Bitchute. (Thank you Edmond)

Here is the latest effort to distort and malign the Freedom Convoy, yet when you read it, you can see the impossibility of doing so.

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