“Don’t frag our guys”: Meryl Nass stands up for Robert Malone (who deserves our gratitude, NOT our distrust)

From Meryl Nass:

Robert Malone is the strongest scientific voice that we have on our side. Instead of damning him for having been an insider we should be so grateful for the fact that he understands the system and what it’s doing to us because of that insider knowledge.

I have found him to be the utmost honest and ethical person. He has been entirely open with me and answered hundreds of my questions. I have stayed at his home and fed his animals. I have confirm the veracity of his experiences in the biodefense world

I fear that our side is looking for communists under the beds at this point. Yes there are many agents provocateurs all around us. I have plenty of experience with them after 50 years being an activist and involvement with Cuba issues can attest.

Malone is nothing like the many agents I have encountered in my travels. By the way, I have had some recent experience with a couple of agents. They don’t hand you the keys to the kingdom.

I feel like there are a whole lot of people who owe Malone a big apology

Furthermore, he and his wife have given an awful lot to this cause and they are being treated badly by many people and it hurts them. If you want the two of them to pick up their toys and go home then just keep it up.

We are in a war and I suggest that everybody clarify who they want fighting on their side. Don’t frag our guys.

Meryl Nass MD

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