Who’s checking the fact-checkers?

We definitely have to check them, as in “checks and balances.” 

From Patrick Henningsen:

As desperate public health officials and their mainstream media adjuncts begin to pivot away from their Covid narrative of the last two years, the establishment’s fact-checkers have been deployed to cover-up and ‘debunk’ any reporting or voices which challenge the fraying corporate vaccine doctrine. Also, what’s really going behind the scenes of the climate change campaign and Great Reset? We reveal their plans for a globalist and banker-led take-over, using the ‘green’ agenda as their pretext. All this and much more…

Co-hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen, with guests Alex Thomson and Iain Davis, for the mid-week news round-up. Watch:

UKC News: ‘Who’s Checking the Fact Checkers?

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