“Spike protein is a poison to kill billions globally, without anyone noticing”: Dr. Shankara Chetty

The scale and precise nature of the Crime are coming clear.

Dr Shankara Chetty: ‘Spike protein is poison

to kill billions globally, without anyone noticing’

Shankara Chetty is a Medical Doctor in Port Edward, South Africa who has treated over 5,000 COVID patients with no hospitalizations.

“Spike Protein is a toxin/poison to kill billions globally, without anyone noticing. A poison with an agenda.

“Now we’ve got an engineered virus, and a mandated vaccine, that follow on with each other. They’ve engineered a virus and put on a weapons-grade pathogen called the Spike Protein.

“They’ve put this pathogen into a vector, and exposed the planet to a small dose of it.

“Initially the spike protein triggers an allergic reaction.

“If left untreated, it can cause death, but that is not the end-game, that is to test the waters.

“So you’re going to get a small percentage of people react, so let’s isolate the planet for 14 days so nobody notices when this occurs, people get to hospital too late, we mandate protocols in hospitals to engineer death and damage, and to steer all the fear.

“We create all the confusion, we make sure we steer humanity towards mass-formation, and take away all the faith and hope, keep people isolated, and convince people that to give away our freedoms would be the best thing for us.

“So the safest place for us, was in jail, and that’s where we all are at this point in time.

“But the game that they played, with this engineered virus, was to justify the vaccination of the planet. Now the vaccination of the planet will expose us to the spike protein for a longer period.

“The spike protein will initially trigger an immune response and allergic kind of reaction, and we have immediate deaths from that, but you don’t poison someone to die immediately – you would notice the poisoning.

“So straight away when you get a vaccine, the first 14 days after a vaccine, any side-effects cannot be attributed to the vaccine, because that is where all the ‘allergic reactions’ would lie.

“Following that, we’re going to see the endothelial injuries that these vaccines / spike protein causes, with its influence on the ACE-2 receptors – those are the deaths that are ‘meant’ to follow – and they will never be pinned on the spike protein – a very well engineered toxin.

“The spike protein is also a membrane protein, so the mRNA will distribute this throughout our body, it will be made in various tissues around our body, it will be incorporated into those membranes around our body into those specific tissues, those tissues will be recognized a foreign, and will trigger a host of autoimmune responses.

“So, the deaths that are meant to follow the vaccinations, will never be able to be pinned on the poison. They will be too diverse, they will be too many, and they will too broad of a timeframe for us to understand that we have been poisoned.

“I think that is the big plan. The toxin is dependent on the hosts response to it.

“Just like the 8th day, and what followed COVID-infection/illness, was dependent on the hosts response. So we’ve got mild, moderate, and severe, and it was post-8th day and it confused all of us.

“So we keep talking about COVID-pneumonia, but we’re chasing the virus – but the virus was just the vector to give us a taste of the poison.

“This toxin in the long-term is going to get people with pre-existing illness, to have those illnesses ‘exacerbated’ – it has bits of prion in it, it has bits of HIV-protein in it, it is definitely ‘engineered’.

“So people with cancers are going to have their cancers flare-up – and we’ll say ‘they died of the cancer’.

“People with vessel injuries or pre-disposition like our diabetics and hypertensives are going to have strokes and heart-attacks, and the rest at varying times, and we will attribute those to their pre-existing conditions.

“People are going to develop over time auto-immune conditions, the diversity of which will never be addressed by any pharmaceutical intervention, because they are far too targeted – and so we have a rough road coming.

“But I think if people understand what the intention is, then we’ll understand why what’s happened has happened.

“The illogic, the coercion, the suppression, is all warranted, if you understand that there is a bigger plan.

“This plan is to make sure that we can control, and kill off, a large proportion of our population without anyone suspecting that we were poisoned.

“We’ve given up our freedoms, we were told that jail is the best place for us to be secure, so we willingly went down that road.

“Now today, if we want our freedoms back, they’ve got a ‘mandated vaccine’.

“The vaccines make absolutely no sense. We were sold the vaccine as our savior from the start. And if we look at the science, the science does not play out. The vaccine is absolutely nonsensical.

“We keep fighting about how good or bad the vaccine is, but:

“1) Vaccines are meant to stimulate immunity, and in doing so prevent infection and prevent transmission. That is what gives a vaccine a population or group benefit. So if you take the vaccine, by not getting the virus or transmitting it, you protect me.

“Clearly that has not occurred. The vaccines do not do that. Now they claim that the vaccine has a benefit of preventing severe illness or death. That is a therapeutic benefit. My intervention or treatment does the same, but I do not expose the entire world to the side-effects of my treatment. I only expose sick people to that. And that’s therapeutic benefit does not come from immunity but it comes from the vaccine exposing you to the spike protein and building a measure of tolerance to an allergen, not to any immune mediated response to a virus.

“So the virus distracts us from the big picture. It’s the spike protein that’s the toxin.

“2) The prevention of severe illness and death is an individual benefit ‘IF’ it actually does that. So if you take the vaccine, if it prevents you getting severely ill or dying, it has no ‘group’ benefit, and doesn’t benefit me at all. So why am I being coerced to ‘forcing you to take the vaccine’ to benefit me?

“If they can prove a population-benefit to the vaccine, maybe I would take the plunge for the benefit of humanity, but until that point, we are being coerced.”

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