Biden to deploy “military medical teams” in 6 states to fight “Omicron threat”

That’s New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, Michigan and New Mexico. (They dare not try this in the free states yet, which is surely why the military will shortly be conducting drills in North and South Carolina, so they can figure out how best to beat back the guerilla war they will encounter there.)

Biden to Deploy ‘Military Medical Teams’ in 6 States to Fight the Alleged ‘Omicron Threat’


As the official Covid narrative continues to unravel, the Administration is desperate to give the impression that the country is still in a ‘state of emergency.’

In the latest desperate move by a floundering Biden Administration, the President has announced his will deploy  “military medical teams” to to six states — New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, Michigan and New Mexico, in order to battle with the alleged ‘Omicron threat’ which federal officials still insist is ravaging the United States right now.

According to reports from the Washington Post, President Joe Biden is expected to announce this new “troop surge” of 1,000 military personnel to be deployed on US soil today, alongside Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Deanne Criswell.

The White House is claiming that ‘hospitals are overwhelmed’ – despite a lack of any evidence that anything out of the ordinary is happening during this winter season.

Hospitals are always busy this time of year, and it’s now admitted by US officials that many of the alleged Covid “cases” are actually incidental positive PCR tests from people presenting with other medical conditions. In other words, many of these so-called “cases” are not actually sick from Covid, but are being used to pad the “case” numbers touted by government.

The President’s office maintains that a “spike in cases” is now threatening to upend normal life in America and that the only solution is to deploy the military to fight-back the alleged ‘variant’ mutation.

However, officials have been hard-pressed to locate any alleged deaths from the Omicron ‘variant’ in the United States. In late December, it was reported that there was just one suspected Omicron death in the entire country of a population 325 million. Since then, no much has changed. Hence, there is no visible ‘pandemic’ in the country, aside from the one being generated by the media and public health mavens.

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