Kazakhstan as a US/NATO gambit, which could bring on a war with Russia

From Patrick Henningsen:


I have seen this one circulating on Telegram. It’s completely over the top.

The uprising was not because of COVID measures, it began because of a rapid doubling of gas prices and decades of corruption. I’m sure you might be able to find some Covid-related scenes somewhere on the Internet, but that is not a major issue driving the event we see now.

The riots and local uprising in Almaty:

US, National Endowment for Democracy, and Soros have been pumping millions into opposition orgs there for decades, primed for unrest, and, to be sure. the West will hijack the crisis to radicalize the mobs and get them to call for regime change and then politicize it internationally. This was conveniently timed to place pressure on Russia in advance of Ukraine talks.

Russian border aside, the Kazakstan is as big or bigger issue geopolitically than Ukraine. Here’s a good thread to show you how this goes right to the heart of Russia’s nuclear industry, as well as space and mineral resources:

Kazakstan is a legitimate WIII flashpoint. Russia will fight to secure its sphere of influence and security, whereas they have to be more careful with Ukraine. US, NATO are playing a high stakes game here.


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