Billboard owes Eric Clapton an apology

From Maree Guenole, to the editors of Billboard:

Regarding Gil Kaufman’s article denigrating Mr Eric Clapton [for his comments on the subliminal messaging used to encourage “vaccination” in the UK]:

Perhaps Kaufman might like to look into the UK Behavioural Insights Team, a company owned by the British government. They have some wonderful publications, including one called MINDSPACE.pdf, easily found doing a cursory search online.

In future Kaufman might like to limit criticism of artists to their music as opposed to a full frontal attack on their criticisms of their government’s behaviours with regard to management of covid19 etc., a debacle of epic proportions in any reasonable person’s book.

The UK government also had a group called SPI-B as part of their SAGE group advisory on the pandemic. Mr Peter Hitchen’s, journalist and brother of the late Christopher Hitchens, covered their antics admirably.

I’d say an apology is due, but won’t hold my breath as honour is in short supply these days. Regards MG

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