We are (VERY) many, They are few: Number of “unvaccinated” in the USA is grossly understated

Number of Unvaxxed in USA is Grossly Understated

This explains why US “unvaxxed case rates” are so high compared to the UK.

Igor Chudov

An article appeared in Bloomberg, titled “Vaccine Data Gaps Point to Millions More in U.S. Who Lack Shots”. The article might seem arcane, but leads to far reaching conclusions.

The most important conclusion that I will reach is that case rate calculations of unvaxxed Covid cases are grossly overstated. This leads to doubt as to whether actual effectiveness of vaccines exists at all. We know that it does NOT exist in the UK, where proper accounting shows that vaccines invite Covid instead of repelling it.

The second conclusion is that we, the unvaxxed, are not the tiny minority they want us to think we are, and we will win.

The U.S. government has over-counted the number of Americans who are at least partly vaccinated against the coronavirus, state officials warn, meaning millions more people are unprotected as the pandemic’s winter surge gathers steam.

CDC data show 240 million people with at least one shot, or about 72.5% of the population. But the agency says only 203 million are fully vaccinated, or 61.3%, an 11-percentage-point difference that is far larger than in other developed countries.

The bottom line of the article, is that the CDC and state officials have no idea how many unvaccinated people are there in the US. They thought that it was 27% of the entire population (including babies). But it is clear that the number of unvaccinated was mis-stated, and is much higher.

How much higher?

In the European Union, [the number of partially vaxxed] just 2.6 percentage points.

The biggest difference between the US and the EU, is that there is better bookkeeping and accounting for vaccination in the EU, as opposed to the US.

Additionally, the article did not mention it, but in the US there is a thriving black market for fake vaccinations, whereas a corrupt doctor enters someone as vaccinated, gets paid for the vaccination, gets cash from the vaccine-hesitant individual, and then empties the syringe out into the sink.

Some vaccinations may be wholly “paper vaccinations”, recorded to get payment from the government, but without vaccinees even present or existing. This is the United States and there is plenty of doctors scamming government programs like Medicare.

This probably explains nonsensical results like vaccination rates among seniors exceeding 100%. They do not exceed 100%, instead it is handiwork of Medicare scamming medical offices wasting vaccines and getting paid for it. I heard about fraudulent doctors when I visited a bar last time. But let’s set this aside for now.

The Bloomberg article says that the number of partially vaxxed is 11.2% (72.5-61.43%). Assuming that the number of partially vaxxed is similar to Europe, say 3%, we get that 8% of people previously thought to be partly vaccinated, are in fact either fully unvaccinated, or fully vaccinated. So, the number of unvaccinated may be not 27%, but several percent higher. So, say, if we have 33% instead of 27% unvaxxed, it means that the unvaxxed were undercounted by 22% of the original number.

Wait, there is more

Considering that some unvaxxed are small children who are not eligible to be vaccinated or just became eligible, the difference among adults — who really matter — is much starker.

9% of US population is kids under 5. They are wholly unvaxxed.

This means that the number of unvaxxed persons over the age of 5, is 22%-9%, or 13% of the entire country’s population. Well, if that is undercounted by 6% of the population, this means that there is 19/13-1 = 46% more unvaccinated than previously thought.

This does not even begin to consider vaccination fraud and fake vaccinations that I mentioned above, that definitely exists but is hard to quantify.

Again, do not be fooled by precision of my numbers — the “true” percentages of people actually jabbed and actually unjabbed will never be known — but we can see that the number of unvaccinated persons above the age of 5 is grossly understated.

Fake USA Unvaxxed Case Rates

The most important result of this undercounting of the number of vaccinated adults, is that unvaccinated case rates (number of cases divided by the population of unvaxxed) may be easily overstated by at least a third, due a change of denominator (population).

So when we were told that the unvaccinated case rates are so terrible, remember that they are overstated by a large, but unknown percentage.

This is a typical example of “case rate comparison” that is likely completely wrong.

Instead, the difference in case rates may be less, by a very large and unknown margin, perhaps instead being only 3:1, or much less.

Considered that unvaccinated persons are overtested due to “vaccination mandates” requiring useless weekly testing, the true difference in case rates may easily be nonexistent.

I invite YOU to estimate impact of vaccination fraud and overtesting. Post your ideas. My own expectation is that once fraud and overtesting are accounted for, the difference in case rates may disappear entirely or even revert to what we see in the UK.

We the Unvaxxed are More Numerous and Much Stronger

The other obvious conclusion is that we are NOT the tiny minority that they want us to be. Instead of unvaxxed persons above the age of 5 being 13% of the population, we are much more numerous. We are more numerous, we vote, we have a voice and we will not be defeated. We also are stronger than the fearful vaccinated, and cannot be influenced by fear or TV hysterics.

So, there is more of us, and each unvaxxed has the political strength of several vaxxed.

This is why we will win.

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