Collins asked Fauci to attack ‘fringe’ epidemiologists at Harvard, Stanford, Oxford; Quebec stops giving boosters to elderly who’ve had “the virus”; Boeing halts “vaccine” mandate for its workers, while Google doubles down; kids forced to confess their “vaccination” status in the classroom; and more from CLG

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18 December 2021
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Collins asked Fauci to attack ‘fringe’ Harvard, Stanford, Oxford epidemiologists – emails –Called for ‘quick and devastating published takedown’ of Great Barrington Declaration | 17 Dec 2021 | A new release of emails shows outgoing National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins asked White House coronavirus adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci to carry out a “quick and devastating published takedown” of the Great Barrington Declaration. “This proposal from three fringe epidemiologists who met with the Secretary seems to be getting a lot of attention – and even a co-signature from Nobel Prize winner Mike Leavitt at Stanford,” Collins wrote in an Oct. 8, 2020, email posted on Twitter by researcher Phillip W. Magness. “There needs to be a quick and devastating published takedown of its premises,” the NIH chief continued. “I don’t see anything like that on line yet – is it underway.” The three “fringe” epidemiologists are Dr. Martin Kulldorf of Harvard, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford, and Dr. Sunetra Gupta of Oxford. Their Great Barrington Declaration criticized universal lockdowns, calling for focused protection of the vulnerable older population based on data showing they are more than a thousand times more likely to die from COVID infection than the young.

Insane in the membrane: U.S. Invests $1.5m to Help Salvadoran Police Deal With COVID-19 Stress | 14 Dec 2021 | While local law enforcement agencies around the United States weather extensive budget cuts, the federal government is dedicating 1.5 million to assist police in El Salvador with challenges and stress created by COVID-19. The goal is to help the Central American nation’s 26,966-member National Civil Police (PNC) asses its role and capacities during a crisis and efficiently provide training to manage a public health emergency like the pandemic. “The training will particularly focus on public health orders, personal and workplace safety measures, education in regard to transmission and proper treatment, and management of operational continuity,” according to a grant announcement made public this month.

Canadian province stops giving boosters to elders who have had COVID in the past due to severe, life-threatening side effects –The immunization committee of Quebec reversed its recommendation after reports of severe side effects. | 11 Dec 2021 | The Quebec government had to stop giving boosters to elders who had received two doses of the COVID vaccine and previously had COVID due to severe, life-threatening side effects. The province’s immunization committee initially recommended that elders who had COVID in the past and who also received both doses of a COVID vaccine be given a booster shot. However, elders in that category reacted very poorly to the booster. Many patients developed a fever after receiving their third dose. They lost appetite, became physically weak, tired and lethargic, Le Devoir reported. In more severe cases, the booster dose caused the patients difficulties in breathing and lowering oxygen levels. Some elders also became delirious after receiving the injection.

CDC warns rise in heart inflammation cases for 5-11-year-olds after COVID-19 vaccine | 18 Dec 2021 | Officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted on Thursday that the agency has received reports that at least eight children between the ages of 5 and 11 who had gotten a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine suffered from heart inflammation. CDC officials noted that more than 7 million doses of the vaccine have been administered to the age group by the time the heart data had been examined, noting that 5.1 million first doses and 2 million second doses had been given, Fox Business noted. The newswire noted that the agency said the cases involved “a mild clinical course,” and all had been reported to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which was presented to the CDC’s expert advisers.

Investigation Revealed 98% of Those Infected With COVID-19 After Christmas Dinner in Norway Were Fully Vaccinated | 17 Dec 2021 | Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) conducted an investigation after it was informed by a local laboratory about the COVID-19 outbreak at a Christmas dinner in Oslo on November 26. Preliminary results of the investigation were published in the Eurosurveillance Journal on Thursday. Investigation showed that one of the attendees had returned from South Africa on November 24. The Omicron variant of the COVID-19 was first identified in Southern Africa in mid-November. “Most of the cases (n = 79; 98%) and non-cases (n = 27; 93%) were fully vaccinated with a median time since receiving the last vaccine dose of 79 days for cases and 87 days for non-cases (no statistically significant difference, Wilcoxon rank-sum p = 0.48). Among cases who had received two vaccine doses, 55% (41/75) received Comirnaty (BNT162b2 mRNA, BioNTech-Pfizer, Mainz, Germany/New York, United States (US) whereas 23% (17/75) received Spikewax (mRNA-1273, Moderna, Cambridge, US).”

Efforts to Stop Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Private Businesses Reach U.S. Supreme Court –Three companies and one red-state attorney general asking the highest U.S. court to stay Biden’s sweeping mandate | 18 Dec 2021 | Three companies and Missouri’s attorney general are asking the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to stay the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates for private businesses with 100 or more employees. Three companies–Phillips Manufacturing & Tower Company, Sixarp LLC, and Oberg Industries LLC–filed an emergency application for an injunction on Friday, saying the Biden administration is pursuing unlimited federal executive power in the vaccine mandate for private businesses. “There is no dispute among the parties about the common desire to end the scourge of the COVID-19 pandemic,” reads the application. “The arguments advanced by the Executive Branch admit to no cognizable limits on federal executive power.” “Frustrated with a minority of Americans’ medical choices, the Executive Branch has attempted to control and surveil the vaccination schedules of enormous swaths of the country’s population,” the application added.

Biden administration moves ahead with employee COVID-19 vaccine mandate, as states appeal to the Supreme Court –OSHA will hold off on issuing citations for noncompliance until Feb. 9 | 18 Dec 2021 | The Biden administration on Saturday said it will permit slight delays in the implementation of an emergency temporary standard (ETS) that will place coronavirus vaccine and testing mandates on 84 million American workers. The ETS, first issued last month, requires all companies with 100 employees or more to enforce vaccine requirements to stop the spread of the coronavirus. If employees refuse to get the shots in their arms then they must comply with regular testing requirements issued by their companies or face termination. The controversial mandate issued by the Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was stalled in early November by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. But on Friday, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals lifted the stay.

Federal appeals court allows Biden vaccine mandate for large companies to resume –The decision is the latest skirmish in a battle that will likely be decided by the Supreme Court | 17 Dec 2021 | A federal appeals court Friday reinstated the Biden regime’s vaccine mandate for large companies, dissolving a stay by a separate court that had suspended the mandate. The decision is the latest skirmish in a continuing battle that will likely soon be decided by the Supreme Court. A coalition of 27 business groups quickly appealed to the nation’s highest court Friday to block the lower court’s mandate, according to Politico. They claimed the mandate would bring “harm” to thousands of businesses. The Biden vaccine mandate forces companies with 100 employees or more to require that their workers be vaccinated against COVID-19 or submit to weekly testing. The requirement takes effect Jan. 4.

Supreme Court rejects religious challenge to NY vaccine mandate –Justices Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch dissented | 13 Dec 2021 | The Supreme Court [of useless eaters] on Monday refused to block a New York regulation that requires health care workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine without any religious exemptions. The vaccine mandate for health care workers, which went into effect in August, allows only for medical exemptions but not religious ones. The Supreme Court turned away two applications from doctors and nurses in the state for injunctive relief to allow religious exemptions while litigation continues in the lower courts over the mandate’s constitutionality. Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch dissented. Gorsuch wrote in his dissent that the mandate turns away the very doctors and nurses the state has depended on throughout the course of the pandemic.

Growing Number of Companies and Organizations Are Walking Back Vaccination Requirements | 17 Dec 2021 | More and more businesses in recent days have walked back previous rules mandating COVID-19 vaccines as a condition for employment in a bid to keep workers. Earlier this week, Amtrak–a quasi-public corporation–became the latest to rescind its vaccine requirement amid concerns about staff shortages and cut service in January. In a memo sent to staff that was obtained by The Epoch Times, Amtrak CEO William Flynn said the company would do away with the mandate that would have given employees until Jan. 4 to get fully vaccinated or go on unpaid leave. About 500 out of more than 17,000 Amtrak workers remain unvaccinated, according to the memo.

Boeing halts vaccine mandates for US workers –Over 11,000 employees have sought a vaccine exemption for medical or religious reasons. | 17 Dec 2021 | Boeing announced Friday that it will suspend the company’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for U.S. employees. The aircraft manufacturer said in an internal memo that it made the decision after a federal appeals court last month upheld its stay on Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for companies with at least 100 employees, Reuters reported. The number of Boeing employees who have sought a vaccine exemption for medical or religious reasons has surged to more than 11,000 people, which is around 8 percent of its U.S. workers, according to Reuters. The company’s vaccine mandate has also resulted in the other 92 percent of their employees in the U.S. having received the vaccine or having reported a religious or medical accommodation.

Vaccine mandate for Canadian truckers could lead to mass exodus, severe supply chain issues –Thousands of drivers are prepared to walk in protest of jab mandates in January. | 14 Dec 2021 | Canadian trucking groups have made it clear that issues with supply chains could worsen if the Canadian and U.S. governments follow through with a proposed January 15 deadline for truckers to present vaccine passports in order to cross the border for essential business. The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) released a statement about the impending jab mandate, saying, “The government of Canada’s decision to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for domestic federally regulated workers in the trucking industry – including many truck drivers who have been delivering products to Canadians throughout the pandemic – would put an even bigger strain on an already beleaguered supply chain.” The CTA estimated that more than 20,000 Canadian drivers will decide to leave the Canada-U.S. trucking market if the Canadian government follows through with its planned cross-border vaccination policy.

Google tells employees they’ll lose pay and will eventually be fired if they don’t follow vaccination rules | 14 Dec 2021 | Google has told its employees that they will lose pay — and will eventually be fired — if they don’t comply with the company’s Covid-19 vaccination policy, according to internal documents viewed by CNBC. A memo circulated by leadership said employees had until Dec. 3 to declare their vaccination status and upload documentation showing proof, or to apply for a medical or religious exemption. The company said after that date it would start contacting employees who hadn’t uploaded their status or were unvaccinated, as well as those whose exemption requests weren’t approved.

NYC vaccine-checker caught in her own trap | 17 Dec 2021 | A New York City health inspector charged with checking restaurants’ compliance with the city’s vaccination mandate was denied entrance to a bar she was auditing after allegedly refusing to show her vaccination card. Maggie Koronilian, the manager of Big Nose Kate’s Saloon and Eatery in Staten Island, told the New York Post on Friday that she had no choice but to send the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene employee on her way, as she was not compliant with the Covid-19 rules she was sent to enforce. Koronilian said that New York City health inspector Benedicta Opara showed up at the bar with her official identification on display on Tuesday, but when asked to show proof of vaccination required to enter bars, museums, music venues, theatres, or most other public space under the city’s vaccination mandate, Opara was not forthcoming.

Large Ohio Hospital System Still Distributing Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Not Fully Approved By FDA | 15 Dec 2021 | One of Ohio’s largest hospital systems is not distributing the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) fully approved COVID-19 vaccine, it confirmed to The Ohio Star Wednesday. “As of today’s stock, we are currently distributing the Pfizer vaccine that does not have the Comirnaty branding label,” Katie Logan, a spokeswoman for OhioHealth said by email. In August, the FDA approved Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine called Comirnaty. OhioHealth is still giving out the non-FDA approved version of the Pfizer vaccine, which was authorized under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) earlier this year. Whether Pfizer is distributing Comirnaty is unknown, but the company told The Star Monday that it is still shipping the EUA version of the vaccine.

Pfizer, AstraZeneca COVID vaccines less effective at fighting Omicron – study | 13 Dec 2021 | Pfizer and AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccines are not as effective in fighting off the Omicron variant compared to other strains, according to a new study published Monday. Researchers from the University of Oxford said in the pre-print paper that they had discovered a “substantial fall” in neutralizing antibodies when the Omicron variant was introduced to blood samples 28 days after participants received their second dose of either Pfizer or AstraZeneca’s vaccine. The study, which has yet to be peer-reviewed, discovered that some of the participants “failed to neutralize [the virus] at all.”

No gatherings for households with unvaccinated people in them under new B.C. restrictions | 17 Dec 2021 | The new restrictions on gatherings announced in B.C. on Friday include an outright ban on parties and other informal events if unvaccinated people are on the guest list. During Friday’s announcement, provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said the new rules mean households that include unvaccinated people cannot host parties or other gatherings. “If you are unvaccinated or have members of your family who are unvaccinated, we cannot have personal gatherings in those settings right now,” Henry said. The new restrictions take effect at midnight on Monday. They limit personal gatherings to one household plus 10 people or one other household, and only if everyone involved in the gathering aged 12 or older is vaccinated.

FDA Works With USPS to Hold Packages Containing Ivermectin | 13 Dec 2021 The FDA is allegedly working with the USPS to hold packages containing Ivermectin at JFK, a port of entry for the drug from foreign sources. Aaron Siri posted a Nov. 10 letter using FDA Personal Importation policy to refuse delivery of the drug to a customer whose name is redacted on the letter.

Sema4 pulls out of COVID-19 testing contract with Connecticut | 17 Dec 2021 | Sema4, the Stamford-based laboratory ensnared in a controversy over investments made by a venture capital firm founded by Gov. Ned Lamont’s wife, will no longer provide COVID-19 testing… Sema4 was one of four companies hired in May 2020 by the state Department of Public Health to manage 23 testing sites across the state, according to DPH officials. The company notified some of its testing partners this week that it will exit the testing business by mid-January and return to its core business, which is genomic testing. The company’s contracts with the state have come under scrutiny because Annie Lamont’s firm, Oak HC/FT, is an investor. Oak HC/FT invested twice in Sema4, which has received millions of dollars from the state to perform COVID testing.

Texas Gov. Abbott shows completed section of state-made border wall, pledges to protect state’s sovereignty | 18 Dec 2021 | Texas Gov. Greg Abbott debuted the first part of the state-made border wall Saturday, which he labeled a sharp rebuke of Biden’s “failure to do his job.” Abbott authorized the building of the wall six months ago, and then authorized 3 billion funding for the Texas Facilities Commission to bolster the building effort. Abbott stressed that the wall stands on either state land or land that private owners agreed to hand over for the wall. “Texas is taking what truly is unprecedented action: A state to build a wall on our border, to safeguard the sovereignty of our state and of our nation,” Abbott said during Saturday’s press conference.

Lawsuit filed over Mayfield candle factory, alleges company ordered workers to stay | 16 Dec 2021 | Lawyers have filed the first lawsuit against Mayfield Consumer Products LLC, alleging the company ordered workers to stay at its candle factory in the hours before a tornado destroyed it on Dec. 10. MCP production line worker Elijah Johnson, 20, and unnamed other plaintiffs sued the company in Graves Circuit Court late Thursday night. The suit was filed electronically. The Graves County courthouse was badly damaged by the same tornado, and the Kentucky Supreme Court has declared the court “non-operational” until alternative space can be found in the area. In the suit, the plaintiffs said MCP failed to “provide a workplace free from serious recognized hazards,” as required by state law.

January 6 Committee Admits it Doctored Text Message Between Meadows and Jordan | 15 Dec 2021 | Following reporting by The Federalist that Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and his staff doctored a text message between Rep. Jim Jordan and former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, the House Jan. 6 committee admitted over email that it did, in fact, doctor the text message. As The Federalist reported on Wednesday morning, on Jan. 5, 2021, Jordan forwarded to Meadows a three-paragraph legal summary from attorney Joseph Schmitz, summarizing a four-page legal memorandum Schmitz had written regarding congressional certification of the 2020 presidential electoral vote count. In a statement provided to The Federalist via email, a Democrat spokesman for the Jan. 6 committee confessed that the committee doctored the text message.

House votes to hold Mark Meadows in contempt of Congress | 14 Dec 2021 | The House of Representatives voted Tuesday in favor of a resolution to hold former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows in contempt of Congress. The vote comes a day after the House Select Committee investigating [sic] the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol voted 9-0 to recommend Meadows for prosecution after he refused to testify before the panel. The resolution was adopted in a 222-208 vote. Reps. Adam Kinzinger (IL) and Liz Cheney (WY) [two corrupt “Republican” deep-state dirt-bags] voted with the seven Democrats.

‘Good Riddance’ a Top Twitter Trend as Chris Wallace Leaves for CNN | 13 Dec 2021 | The hashtag #goodriddance was among the top trends Sunday on Twitter as anti-Trump host [and previous Iraq war pimp] Chris Wallace announced he is leaving “Fox News Sunday” for CNN’s streaming service. “He’ll be controlled by the radical left,” then-President Donald Trump said about the prospect of facing Wallace as moderator in the one and only 2020 presidential debate. “They control him.” Former Trump adviser Steve Cortes tweeted his testy exchange with Wallace after that debate, where Wallace was blasted for “haranguing” Trump and “his incredibly biased performance as debate moderator.”

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