Consortium News is only one of those “left” media gone blind as bats

Here is the one and only mention, in this overview of Biden’s many “messes,” of the “vaccine” mandates that have killed more Americans in just one year than all the previous (and real)  vaccines combined; trashed the Bill of Rights, certifying the USA’s degeneration into a bio-fascist quasi-dictatorship; and created an immense (and growing) pariah class of the “unvaccinated”—trends that Consortium News has either failed to notice, or that it tacitly supports:  

On the domestic side, Biden has done nothing to draw the nation together to fight a common threat — no inspiring leadership, FDR–style, no focus. A second year with the Covid–19 virus finds us in the depths of cynicism: Corporations indulge in price-gouging on a grand scale, Big Pharma — Pfizer now urges a fourth injection, a second booster — reaping obscene profits while suffering and inequality rise right along with inflation.



The Maestro of Messes

December 14, 2021

Biden apparently dreamed of the presidency for decades. And now as his first year in office draws to a close we must reflect on how perilous it often turns out to be when dreams come true.

By Patrick LawrenceSpecial to Consortium News

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