Your tax dollars at work (against you): US Army, OSHA working hard to hide the toll of those “vaccines” (2)

covid vaccines and army troops

mandate vaccines then suppress bad outcomes for those who take them?

el gato malo

this is an army doctor. she saw pilots. when they started coming in with heart issues and other serious complaints from the covid vaccines, complaints so serious they could not fly or function normally, she reported this up the chain. (video playable)
these vaccines are being mandated for troops, but the negative effects they cause (in at least some cases) are being suppressed. care to wager this is not widespread? i wouldn’t.
and roughly 20% of the US military remains unvaccinated.
they are being called “vaccine hesitant” and threatened with dishonorable discharges.
but ask yourself this: who wouldn’t be hesitant when they saw behavior like this?

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As ’emergency’ workplace vax mandate looms, OSHA guidance stems flow of adverse reaction reports
Hoping to avoid “any appearance of discouraging” vaccination, feds suspend employer requirement to report COVID vaccine side effects.

By Greg Pipe
Updated: November 2, 2021 –

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is tacitly encouraging employers to hide “adverse reactions” from COVID-19 vaccines, even as 80 million private workers face jab-or-job decisions due to an impending federal mandate that OSHA has fast-tracked under rarely used, special emergency powers.

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