The killing spree intensifies in “blue” America: Doctors in “liberal” Massachusetts may NOT prescribe Ivermectin FOR ANY REASON

Are any Massachusetts doctors still prescribing Ivermectin? If you’re aware of any, please share; for if all doctors in Massachusetts are forbidden to treat patients with it, we should all know about it.

(Massachusetts’ Latin motto translates roughly as “By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.”)


Dear MCM (as I know you from your emails):

Thank you for this (below) and for all of your missives. 

I don’t want my name associated with this bit of info for many reasons, one of which should be obvious, but want to tell you that my doctors (two) are now restricted by their group practices from prescribing ivermectin for ANY reason, even ON LABEL purposes—i.e. they cannot prescribe ivermectin for parasites. My GP told me if she prescribed it she could lose her license!

Ivermectin has one of the world’s best safety records — what they prescribe in lieu of ivermectin comes with a list of scary side effects. They are willingly putting their patients in danger.

One clinic is an integrative medicine practice, the other more conventional but still open to alternative medicine (includes a full-time acupuncturist), all physicians thoroughly “liberal” (haha) in their political affiliations — in “liberal” (haha) Massachusetts.

Thank you for all you do.

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