Where’s Commissar Newsome?

There’s a distinctly USSR feeling about Gavin Newsome’s sudden disappearance from the scene, the official silence over it, and the masses guessing what may have happened to him. 

Could it be, as Alex Berenson implies, that the governor accidentally got the sort of “booster” ordinarily used to finish off, like, old people, denizens of “red” states and other vermin? (Those eugenic details are my own, not Berenson’s.) Or maybe Newsome was sidelined, or felled, by such a shot on purpose, in furtherance of yet another dark agenda?

Who knows? We sure don’t. Such is life in COVID Country.

Where’s Gavin Newsom?
Alex BerensonNov 51,301
Governor White Teeth was last seen eight days ago getting his Covid booster shot.
He was supposed to go to Scotland for the “how do we get heating oil to $10 a gallon to show the peasants who’s in charge?” conference, I mean the United Nations climate summit. (No points for guessing if he planned to fly private.)
But he didn’t go to Scotland. Something about “family obligations.”
Dude hasn’t been seen since.
Those are some serious obligations!
I’m sure he’s fine. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the booster.

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