To counter the brutality of Dr. Fauci and his droogs, a new Substack channelling “the voice of earth’s must hunted creature”

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A Not To Be Missed New Substack

Let the gentle voice of earth’s most hunted creature speak truth about how to stay alive and loving, despite constant existential threat to survival

Celia Farber
Nov 15

We are conditioned to believe that all the most incredible writing “for children,” (which really means for the still innocent hearts of any age,) is known to us. The famous names. Not so! Amazing writing is largely unclaimed by the moribund children’s book publishing industry, which insists, increasingly, upon treating children like receptacles of woke.

The first time I read my older sister Bibi’s writings that could be described as “for children,” (but really isn’t) I wished I ran my own department at Scholastic, so I could buy the rights!

(When it comes to writing, I am unsparing and unbiased.)

Bibi began to write about her rabbits, beginning with the first one she rescued years ago—Sandra— in the voice of the rabbit herself, and the result was, to my ear, so much more enchanting than the typical animal voice because it was not at all fake or cloying. This voice was so poignant, raw, real, funny, and deeply moving, that I always, without fail, believed it was the rabbit Sandra speaking, when I read it. It is like a portal to a voice landscape, which can only be achieved by those who are masters of this difficult craft.

Bibi’s writings, following the often hilarious, sometimes sad, adventures of her three rabbits (one of whom, Boxer, is still with us) can now be read at her brand new Substack.

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