Palestinian family barely scraping by because they won’t get jabbed. (Please help!)

As some of you know, for the last few years I have been helping Amal Arafa, a young woman in Gaza, raise funds to keep her group of nurses working to treat people injured under Israel’s bombardment. She has sent me many harrowing photos of the carnage on the ground, which I have shared via NFU. 

Now that mode of overt attack by Israel has given way to a less explosive and yet even more destructive policy of economic strangulation—and the impact of that suffocation has been worsened by a “vaccination” mandate like the one imposed by the Israeli government, in partnership with Pfizer, on the Israeli people.

The situation over there defies belief, and calm description: Israel’s Jewish government has partnered with a corporate pharmaceutical behemoth to carry out a mammoth, endless forcible experiment on Israel’s Jews (and Arabs), mandating their injection with an only nominally tested gene-editing elixir that has killed or injured thousands more Israelis than COVID-19 did (reportedly). As I am not the only one to say, it’s as if Dr. Mengele were running Israel, with the same eugenic zeal and sadistic pseudo-scientific passion that he indulged at Auschwitz.

Meanwhile, Israel has never ceased its punitive confinement, and periodic bombing, of the Palestinians in Gaza; and now, as if in furtherance of the general strangulation there, the government that has been poisoning its own people is also poisoning those Palestinians, by allowing no travel outside Gaza, permits of any kind, inclusion in work projects, or any other “privilege” without proof of “vaccination.” And, just as the Israeli government is mandating “vaccination” for Israel’s entire population, the Palestinian Authority is also making its
services contingent on “vaccination,” so that the wretched people stuck in that immense de facto prison camp are, increasingly, nudged toward the needle by the authorities on either side.

Now, when Amal told me, a few months ago, that she was going to have to get injected so that her husband, Ibrahim, could collect his monthly $100 from the Qatari government, which provides financial aid to unemployed youth in Gaza, I begged her not to do it, or let him do it, and promised to pay them that amount if they would keep themselves unjabbed (and not have any of their three children “vaccinated”). Now that they know how dangerous it is (I’ve given her the crucial information), they won’t get “vaccinated”—unlike nearly everyone they know, since, Amal tells me, the authorities in Gaza “have made people feel that vaccination is normal.”

Amal and Ibrahim’s resistance to the jabs has come at a tremendous cost: “From the time of the vaccine, we have been subjected to the worst treatment and the worst conditions,” she writes. Neither of them is allowed to work without proof of “vaccination.” Israel has a work project for the unemployed—building houses for Israelis. Ibrahim cannot take even that humiliating job without proof of “vaccination.” Amal had tried to start a little business manufacturing detergent—but now she cannot buy the necessary supplies without proof of “vaccination.” Neither of them can leave Gaza without proof of “vaccination,” so that Ibrahim has been unable to collect that stipend from the Qatari government. Nor can they even take their children to the hospital, since treatment there requires proof of “vaccination,” so they must see a private doctor, whose services are very costly. (Nada, 6, suffers from a deviation of the cornea, and Khaled, 5, is severely hearing-impaired.)

In short, the family is barely scraping by; and so I send you this account of their ordeal in hopes that you can help them out with a donation, so that they can stay “unvaccinated” without starving, or foregoing necessary medical attention. While Jewish Voice for Peace, Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, and other  “leftists” call, psychotically, for greater “vaccine equity,”  so that the Palestinians (along with every other Third World people) might have “greater access” to those lethal shots, those of us who aren’t enchanted by the COVID propaganda, and who really care about the Palestinians (and all the other peoples of the world) must step up now, to help those who will not getjabbed.

Donations for Amal’s family may be sent, via PayPal, to Mhamad Orooq @mrooq21.


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