Croatia’s president will summon Austrian ambassador, to voice his “deep concern” over Austria’s “vaccine” apartheid (which reminds him of fascism)

Looks like a human being leads Croatia. What is to be done?


“Unbelievable how obedient people are. Why are they wearing masks?”

Milanović Say His Office Will Summon Austrian Ambassador

By HINA 22 November 2021

ZAGREB, 22 Nov 2021 – President Zoran Milanović said on Monday his office would summon the Austrian ambassador to convey his concern over “fundamental human freedoms” in that country after the government in Vienna recently summoned the Croatian ambassador over Milanović’s comments on COVID rules in Austria.

The Croatian diplomat was summoned last week after Milanović recently commented on the Austrian government’s anti-epidemic measures, noting that they were reminiscent of Fascism.

Asked by the press today about Austria’s imposing an all-out lockdown and its plan to introduce mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 as of February 2022, Milanović called it a disaster.

“I think the Swedes are much cleverer than they are than their authorities. Considering that our diplomats are being summoned, today the Austrian ambassador will be summoned so that we can convey our deep concern for the fundamental human freedoms in Austria,” Milanović said.

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