“Anatomy of Deceit”: On the global terror that’s been engineered against us (and that will not stop, until we stop it)


A meditation well worth reading through, and sharing.


Anatomy of Deceit

…and pandemic terrorism.

Tessa Lena

This story is about the anatomy of deceit, which is a genre of communication used both by private citizens and famous politicians. It is about addicting people to delusions, black hat marketing, pandemic terrorism, climate fear mongering, and S&M. More importantly, it is about the massive learning value of losing your bearings and then coming back to life. Most importantly, it is about regaining your grounding after being deceived and abused and perhaps temporarily tempted away from your soul. Now you know. And you are now so strong.

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A rhetorical question: What do you do when you see that a loved one is being deceived and siding with the deceiver because their senses have been temporarily overtaken? I tap into my love and pray for clarity. I tap into my strength and try not to get hurt by the expression of their temporary insanity. I pray for it to pass, serve its learning purpose, and transform into clarity, strength, and joy. I know with certainty that the universe protects the honest, and we can heal each other. I am not afraid. The most important thing, I am not afraid. I am not afraid because what I stand for is love, and love is what this universe is made of. There is literally nothing to be afraid of if you are on the side of the universe.

And now to the story.

I am going to start the arc with a very dark tale. From what I know, it really happened. There was a woman who was into BDSM. So one day she met a guy, and the guy ordered her to meet her in a desolate place. He also ordered her to bring her daughter. As she was in an altered sexual mind, in a fantasy, she was not thinking straight. She did as he told her. He was a serial killer. He killed both her and her daughter.

That story is heartbreaking and horrifying. Why did I bring it up? To highlight the importance of spotting a predator.

Poisoning the senses

All human beings perceive reality through their senses, with the brain mostly providing a justification for what the senses decide. If an external party is a predator or a confused individual, they can try to put someone’s senses into an altered mode that is divorced from reality—and then the person may give up on inner clarity, go with the dominant flow, and stop thinking straight. The person would end up in a state that is akin to being drugged. And when people give up on their inner clarity and stop thinking straight, they turn into food for any opportunistic attacker, and they may suffer accordingly. They may also drag others into their confusion.

[Which is what deceivers have been doing for as long as human beings have been around, and which is by the way what’s been done to a very large number people in the course of the past twenty months: a campaign in intentional sensory disorientation— but our souls will fight back sooner or later because our souls know what’s good for us.]

For a predator, it is highly desirable to get the target scared, confused, deluded, proud, isolated, attached to imaginary ideas, or otherwise disconnected from reality and from their clarifying resonant energy. Which is why, confusing, isolating, disorienting the target is very high on the predator’s list of priorities. (See, for example, this torture manual, especially the segment about techniques used to create a state of confusion and disorientation. It’s disgusting the but confusion and disorientation have been studied scientifically!)

S&M (a tangent)

Since S&M is a complex cultural and sensory phenomenon, and since there has been so much S&M theatrics in this “pandemic response,” I am going to go on a tangent and point out the difference between S&M and deceitful manipulation. S&M is a neutral thing. It’s a type of sensory flow that requires shifting perception in a particular manner, which allows a person to feel whatever the person desires to feel and express what is lurking on the inside. Altered states of mind are important for the soul and they are not a trivial thing, therefore playing with resonant, loving energy produces different results than playing with predators—and when people confuse one for the other, the results can be deadly.

What was done to the people in the past 20 months was deceit that attempted invoking associative symbols of submission. What was done to the people was disgusting and not remotely exciting or healing. S&M serves the purpose of expression and healing the trauma, and what they did was inflicting the trauma. Shame on them.

When political leaders try to change our behavior “for our own good,” should we trust them?

If we go with the basic psychology, I would say that being able to trust one’s government is a good feeling to live with. It’s like being a pet (assuming no one is trying to put you to sleep.) I would love to live in a world where trusting your leaders is possible!

So the question then is whether trusting your leaders today is based in reality. If your leaders inform you that something new and unusual is good for you and you therefore must necessarily do it, is it because they are trying to help—or it is because they are held by the balls very tightly by BlackRock? Are they fighting for you or throwing you under the bus? Which one is it? How can you tell?

Getting this one correctly is critical. And yes, real life is usually far more complex than a Hollywood film—but none the less, in this game of risk taking, what do you think is the chance that our leaders might be held by the balls by BlackRock investors? And if they are, what are the societal goals of the BlackRock investors?

Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it feels like

Let me define the sensory essence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

It assumes that human beings have no soul and no intrinsic meaning, that our sensations and perceptions are a mechanical product of electrical impulses in the brain, and that our bodies can produce useful kinetic energy for the economy—while our “needs,” defined as financial instruments, can become objects of trading, gambling, government grants, and financial schemes.

It completely divorces us from nature and pretends that we are much like a mineral.

It’s something like this picture below, except for the people.

But of course, the marketing reps will tell you it’s highly desirable and it is the future!

Remember the story of the serial killer?

Chicken in VR. Photo via Vox, courtesy of Austin Stewart

And as if to confirm that the corporate masters don’t view you as sovereign, here is a story about an attempt to “hack your dreams” to influence you and sell you more products.

:Photo via Aeon

And now about a particular kind of deceit, the COVID terrorism.

Click on the link for the rest.

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