Totalitarianism explained in 3 short videos, plus one on the 2030 agenda

From Bobby Roland:

The three short videos I sent out (about 12+ minutes each) give a good bullet summary of the philosophers. I thought you might want to send them out. If the masses do not understand what they are up against… we are doomed. This is the simplest educational tool I have found regarding totalitarianism.

Thanks again for all you are doing. 

The truth is our greatest weapon. It takes courage to open your eyes and to see and understand that which is happening to society. We cannot afford to bury our heads in the sand. The hypnosis that is put upon us is built on lies which we cannot accept. If you see just one truth…. hold on to it and fight for it. This is the power that they cannot defeat. The paper tiger that is today at our throats will sink away from truth…… but beware, it will always try to return. 


In short order these three short videos explain the concepts and predictions of what these authors said we would be facing. We must understand how totalitarianism quietly sinks it’s teeth in, and we must resist as individuals in every turn. We are facing today the possibility of total enslavement, if once achieved…. it will be the fate of humankind and with the technological means of enslavement…. it will be impossible to break free of.

I have been saying…. Brave New World is the way they want to do it. Nice and easy. “Just walk into the boxcar… your luggage will follow.” If the majority resist…. we win. If the majority comply….. then Big Brother appears with a gun in your back…”Now you get into the boxcar!” We MUST understand what we are up against and put an end to this TODAY! Please watch all 3 short videos. 

The Big Lie – How to enslave the world.  Observations of Solzshenitsyn and Havel

Is 1984 becoming a reality? – George Orwell

Brave New World – Aldous Huxley

This is a two hour documentary which say’s it all! I have sent this out before… but, in case you missed it. Here it is to share with your friends and family. It ends on a very positive note. 

It literally takes the mask off the entire scam and the decades of suppression leading up to this moment in time.

Bobby Roland

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