Canada goes (sort of) Maoist: Judge orders Pastor Artur Pawlowski to repudiate HIS OWN COMMENTS on COVID rules with the official narrative, or go to jail

Bizarre: Judge orders Pastor Artur Pawlowski to condemn himself –Justice Adam Germain ordered Pastor Artur Pawlowski to provide the government’s narrative to counter any comments the pastor makes about lockdowns, masks, vaccines or anything else pandemic related. | 13 Oct 2021 | Today the judge enforcing Alberta’s pandemic lockdown laws sentenced Pastor Artur Pawlowski. His crime? No crime — he simply opened his church during the lockdown.

In a bizarre, 40-minute rant, Justice Adam Germain ordered that for the next 18 months, whenever Pastor Artur talks about lockdowns, the pandemic or vaccines — in tweets, in speeches, in media interviews — he must immediately repudiate himself, and give the “official” government view condemning himself. He must argue against himself. He must condemn himself. Or go back to jail.

It is compelled speech, like a Maoist “struggle session” in communist China. Forced speech is unheard of in Canadian lawEven convicted murderers cannot be ordered to apologize for their crimes… But a convicted pastor must now violate his own conscience and repeat an angry judge’s talking points, or face prison.

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