How face masks activate the graphene in the blood

So, in Their war on all the rest of us, the face mask is a force multiplier.

Dr. Wilfredo Stokes reveals effect of mask use on graphene oxide in blood
OCTOBER 27, 2021

In a new exclusive presentation for the program Dirección Correcta on Radio El Mirador del Gallo, Guatemalan doctor and researcher Wilfredo Stokes revealed the real reason behind the imposition of the mandatory use of masks in this false pandemic. 

In short, breathing foul air acidifies the blood and this acidity causes the graphene oxide circulating in the body to become reduced graphene oxide. In other words, prolonged use of face masks allows the graphene oxide to do more damage more quickly.

To listen to Dr. Stokes’ explanation, refer to the following video that Orwell City has prepared.

Jorge Osorio (Dirección Correcta): You were telling me that the damage from the electromagnetic waves is not only going to influence those who are inoculated, but they will also influence people who aren’t as well. Tell us more about this, doctor. Go ahead.

Dr. Wilfredo Stokes: Look, many predisposing factors make people get sicker than others. But what is it that these people put on us intentionally, without any benefit, and, apparently, as a joke? The use of facemasks. 

It turns out that when we breathe, our blood becomes acidified. It’s like what’s ‘rotten.’ It’s acidic. And it happens that what’s called graphene—what the gentlemen of La Quinta Columna (Ricardo Delgado and Dr. Sevillano) discovered in the vials because they said it very clearly: graphene…. What does this graphene do? It can receive electrical energy, transform it, increase it, and then send it back. 

So what do you call Graphene Oxide when activated? The nanomaterial comes in as graphene oxide —it’s present in the vials as graphene oxide (GO)—but what happens when it’s going to act? Hydrogen is added to it. An acidic hydrogen atom. 

Hydrochloric acid is the same as muriatic acid. It’s a very rich source of hydrogen that burns, and it’s what gives the acidity. 

So, when you wear a mask, and your blood becomes acidic, it activates the graphene in your blood more easily, and then it’s called reduced graphene oxide (rGO). 

So, that acidity that comes from wearing a mask—because you’re breathing your own carbonic acid—activates and converts the graphene oxide into reduced graphene oxide faster. I have not heard anyone say this, but medicine is about knowing a little about how the body works under normal conditions.

What I’m talking about is basic biochemistry for physicians, but in the way I’m explaining it, I think many people are catching on.

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