What the VAERS data tell us about “vaccine” safety: An interview with Jessica Rose

Interview with Jessica Rose, PhD — VAERS: What do the Data Tell us

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This interview with Jessica Rose, PhD, covers the question of vaccine safety, as it can be evaluated from actual real world data collected into the so called “VAERS” system. The interview covers the question of the magnitude of adverse effects, as compared to previous vaccination programs; the issue of under-reporting, which is considerable; the question of causality between an adverse event and an injection and the extent to which causality can be established, using the Bradford Hill Criteria. There is also a discussion of effectiveness, with Dr Rose answering the somewhat rhetorical question whether these injections are as effective as they are safe. Dr Rose then answers some questions from the audience.

Dr. Jessica Rose is originally from Ontario, Canada. She holds degrees in applied mathematics, immunology, computational biology, molecular biology and biochemistry. You can find her bio at this link.

The interview is available as a podcast and as a video. The podcast version is a bit longer as it includes introductory remarks by JP Kiekens.

The slides associated with the session can be downloaded at this link.

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