Canadian/Covidian “democracy”

From a friend:

Today, I was supposed to vote in the federal election.

Albeit, I haven’t voted for a number of years, but today was different.  I had something to put on my ballot that said, “Screw you!” to Blackface and all 3 of the incumbent parties.  As lots of people are doing, I fully intended to give Maxime Bernier and the Peoples’ Party of Canada some support.

That’s right, I said, “intended”.

Elections Canada posted clearly everywhere that they were requiring every voter to wear a mask, but also that exemptions were to be honoured, and no “proof” of exemption was to be demanded.  But Elections Canada leases private spaces, so it doesn’t matter what rules and guarantees are made – all the landlords of these spaces are allowed to demand masks, should they choose.

My polling station is right next door to me, in a community church.  You’d think a Christian church wouldn’t be one of those landlords that would want you to mask, given all the bullshit they’ve been going through this last year and a half.  And you’d be wrong.

The rules were set and backed by the government.  If the landlord objects, and it results in an escalation, the polling agents are instructed to call the cops immediately.

The government said I can vote, but then makes it possible to still be denied my vote.  I have yet to wear a mask, and I don’t ever intend to wear one just to placate this nonsense.  I didn’t get in, so I guess I don’t vote.

I have to wonder if this setup was done to cash in on the likelihood that people voting for the PPCs would be doing so without a mask.  I wouldn’t put anything past the Trudeau government these days.

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