What happened on 9/11? A comprehensive look back after 20 years of investigation

From Eric Coppolino:

Here’s my report on 20 years of investigating 9/11 with details on WTC7, the Pentagon and a bit about I and II. I also quote the psychologists from AE911 Truth — their whole segment from the doc. Steve Inskeep of Morning Edition (whom I know) makes a cameo saying that Pentagon did not look like an airplane crash — he was one of the first journalist on-scene, before the wall fell.

The Sept. 11 incident: The need for reconciliation through truth. Psychologists speak out. A close look at the astrology.




No matter how many photos of the Pentagon you look at, you will not see any evidence of airplane wreckage. We might also wonder how the building collapses outward when it was said to have been struck by an airplane traveling at hundreds of miles per hour. This is an official Defense Department photo. With apologies, I have lost track of the name of the Army sergeant who created the image.

Tonight’s program is a retrospective on what I’ve learned covering the Sept. 11 incident for 20 years.

You may be aware that the Sept. 11 incident and the Covid incident are part of the same astrological cycle. Sept. 11 happened under the influence of Saturn opposite Pluto of summer 2001 (which had last occurred in 1965-1966). Covid happened under the influence of Saturn conjunct Pluto (which last occurred in 1982). Whenever these planets get together, there is the same basic effect: a huge emergency and then some reactionary movement to follow.

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