Victory! Florida court backs DeSantis, blocks mask mandates in schools

Florida court reinstates stay, blocks mask mandates in schools

by: Sam Sachs
Posted: Sep 10, 2021 / 01:14 PM EDT / Updated: Sep 10, 2021 / 03:07 PM EDT

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Two days after Judge John Cooper allowed mask policies in schools, Florida’s 1st District Court reinstated the stay, blocking mask policies in schools for now.

The court case in question, Scott vs. DeSantis, was brought to allow school districts to impose mask mandates as the delta variant of COVID-19 continues to sweep across Florida. Gov. Ron DeSantis, and the state government at large, have fought back against those policies, bringing on the lawsuit by parents in Florida concerned about their children’s health and safety.

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